22 Pin SATA Data and Power Combo Extension Cable

22 Pin SATA Data and Power Combo Extension Cable


  • SATA data cable 7PIN + SATA power cable 15PIN, two-in-one SATA interface, making device connection more convenient, suitable for data cable SATA interface devices such as SATA (serial) hard drives and SATA optical drives, such as SSD, HDD, etc. Cable Length: 19.7inch (50cm)
  • SATA3.0 data cable can provide up to 6Gbps link speed between storage units, disk drives, optical drives and tape drives, and host bus adapters (HBA), and ensure network performance levels. When the new standard product is connected to the old standard product, the speed will automatically be 3Gbps or 1.5Gbps
  • The wire uses an oxygen-free copper core as the conductor, which has low resistance and oxidation resistance, and the data transmission and conversion are more stable. Aluminum foil and multi-layer shielding anti-interference materials are used outside, Strong anti-interference ability
  • Note: Notebooks and desktops have different voltages: this line of notebooks can only be connected to hard disks less than 2.5″, and desktop computers can be connected to hard disks above 2.5″ with this line. In addition, the SATA power cord has only four wires: yellow, black, red and black.Two sets of power cords are 5V and 12V, there is no 3.3V

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Technical Specifications
Warranty Information
Part number                                                                STC-R017

Warranty                                                                     3-year

Cable Jacket Type                                                      PVC - Polyvinyl Chloride
 Wire Gauge                                                               18AWG/26AWG
Connector A                                                                1 - SATA Data & Power Combo(22 pin Female) Plug

Connector B                                                                1 - SATA Data & Power Combo(22 pin Male) Plug

Physical Characteristics
Cable Length                                                               500mm or Customize

Color                                                                            Red or Customize

Connector Style                                                           Straight 

Product Weight                                                            0 lb [0 kg]

Packaging Information
Package Quantity                                                        1Shipping (Package)

Weight                                                                          0 lb [0 kg]

What's in the Box

22-pin SATA Data and Power Combo Extension Cable


22PIN SATA cable for HDD SSD

The  Serial ATA 22 Pin extension cable for HDD  is an indispensable addition to your toolbox when building, upgrading, or repairing computers. It provides a great solution for tricky installations or repairs where cable management is a challenge. Simply extend the length of an existing cable and eliminate the risk of damaging SATA drives by an accidental disconnection or strain on the connector pins.

SATA Power & DATA Combo Cable

Compatible with 2.5" or 3.5" SSD/HDD drives

Supports 5V and 12V voltages


SATA Power & Data Combo Cable

7+15 Pin SATA Cable

18AWG wire gauge


Flexible Cable Jacket

Easy-grip connectors

24-inch cable length



HEAVY DUTY but flexible 18 AWG SATA power cable extension has dual-voltage compatibility with support for 5V or 12V power without any degradation of performance; Snug-fitting drive SATA connector and channel guides on the power supply connector provide a secure connection that will not accidentally disconnect; Fully shielded SATA data extension cable reduces interference in a tight computer case.

supports up to SATA III (6Gbps) for reliable data transfer speeds; A lifetime warranty is included with these SATA extension cables for peace of mind when purchasing



Customer questions & answers

QUESTION: what's the warranty?

ANSWER: our products support a lifetime warranty.


QUESTION: how soon for the delivery be if I purchase 10000 pcs?

ANSWER: hello man, it's a big order for us, our usual ETD is 20 days after receiving your payment.


QUESTION: how to pack?

ANSWER: one piece of cable per PE bag neutral packing.


QUESTION: I want to purchase a 1-meter length, could you make them?

ANSWER: of course, we are a professional cable manufacturer and support customize.



"I bought this so I could connect hard drives that are installed in PC cases to an external USB adapter to run repairs and clones on the drives over USB without removing them from the computer. Also to be able to connect drives to an opened laptop drive bay without having to flip the laptop over. most extensions I have found are way too bulky for connections into laptop drive bays and "toaster" style external drive adapters. with these, I was able to easily use an exacto knife to remove the outer rubber sleeve on the right side of the port and replace the removed section of a sleeve with some PSV to cover the then-exposed side of the power connection. they work great, are easy to modify like this, and have negligible speed loss (less than 5%, which could have been normal OS overhead during my tests) vs a drive directly connected to my uasp USB3 adapter. these are well made and didn't "go to pieces" when I removed the part of the rubber sleeve I mentioned. these are a must for field drive maintenance techs."


"My new computer case did not have an internal bay for an optical drive. I looked for an external USB 3.0 enclosure solution which was not easy to find. Then I realized that I could just feed this extension out of the back of my case and I would still have a direct SATA connection. This was a perfect low-cost solution for me."


"I needed these cables in a pinch and Amazon was there for me with two-day delivery. I had to extend the cable length on some of my hard drives because of the type of case I was using. They seemed to be of good quality and didn’t seem cheap and flimsy like some other brands' versions. No issue recognizing my hard drives on my Dell computer workstation, and Dell server."


"I bought a new case and put my old SSD on the panel opposite my motherboard. This made it seemingly impossible to connect the cables to it. This extension made it possible for me to connect the SSD to the PSU and motherboard. I would have preferred something a little shorter, but maybe the 20" length is just what others want."


"I bought a new case and put my old SSD on the panel opposite my motherboard. This made it seemingly impossible to connect the cables to it. This extension made it possible for me to connect the SSD to the PSU and motherboard. I would have preferred something a little shorter, but maybe the 20" length is just what others want."


"I used this extension cable to rescue an otherwise good SSD that had a broken-off plastic piece on the SATA signal connector. Because the cable has power and signal ganged together on a single physical body, it mates securely with the drive despite the missing broken-off piece. I had previously tried a male/female adapter, but it stuck out from the drive too far and interfered with closing the case's side cover (which is how the drive got broken in the first place)."


"I used this to install a 15mm 2.5" hard drive in my laptop. Since the bay was built for a 7mm hard drive, I needed this extension to fit that huge bastard in there. unfortunately, it took up my DVD drive bay (the hard drive was too big for a caddy), but this cable worked perfectly for my mod, and thankfully I don't use my DVD drive anyway, so it was just wasted space."


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