USB 3.1 Type-C Dual Screw Locking

USB 3.1 Type-C Dual Screw Locking


  • 1*USB 3.1 Type C Male connector with dual Screw Locking
  • 1*USB 3.0 Type A Male connector
  • Type C connector is the new design for USB 3.1
  • Reversible Design for Type C connector
  • Reversible plug orientation & Cable direction
  • Support Scalable power charging for Tablet &Mobile Phone & Hard Disk Drive

Product Detail

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Technical Specifications
Warranty Information
Part number                                                                 STC-L020

Warranty                                                                       3-year

Cable Jacket Type                                                        PVC - Polyvinyl Chloride

Cable Shield Type                                                         Aluminum-Mylar Foil with Braid

Connector Plating                                                         Nickel

Type and Rate                                                              USB 3.1 - 10 Gbit/s
Connector A                                                                  1 - USB 3.0 USB Type-A (9 pin) Male

Connector B                                                                  1 - USB Type-C (24 pin) USB 3.1 (10Gbps) Male

Physical Characteristics
Cable Length                                                                 0.3/1/2m

Color                                                                             Black

Connector Style                                                            Straight to Straight with dual Locking screw

Product Weight                                                             1.4 oz [40 g]

Wire Gauge                                                                   24/28 AWG

Packaging Information
Package Quantity                                                          1Shipping (Package)

Weight                                                                           1.5 oz [42 g]

What's in the Box

USB 3.1 Type C dual Screw Locking Cables


Type-C Dual Screw Locking CABLES

These USB 3.1 Type-C Screw Locking Cables, Connect your USB Type-C devices such as a portable drive, or mobile device to the USB Type-A port on your computer, or charger.


Charge and sync your USB Type-C mobile devices

This 4 ft cable lets you charge or sync your mobile devices with your laptop or desktop computer. You can move large files or transfer movies in seconds, at twice the speed of USB 3.0 and 20x faster than USB 2.0.

You can also use the cable to charge your devices from a USB-A wall charger, car charger, or power bank — perfect for people on the move, for providing simple, tidy connections.


Connect USB 3.1 peripherals

You’ll also be able to connect your USB 3.1 peripherals, such as hard drive enclosures and docks, to devices with a USB-A port. With a bandwidth of 10Gbps, this USB 3.1 cable lets you sync your USB Type-C devices in no time at all. You can spend less time transferring and backing up your data and more time focusing on your projects and presentations.


Provide superior connections

This USB 3.1 cable includes all environmental, electrical, and mechanical standards set by USB compliance. This ensures a high-quality, reliable cable for all your USB-C devices.


The Advantage

Connect USB 3.1 devices (portable hard drive, docking stations, etc.) to a USB 3.1 capable laptop or desktop computer

Connect USB 3.1 devices to older USB computers (USB 3.0 or USB 2.0)


In response to the growing need for secure interconnection, the USB-C dual screw locking connector and single screw locking connector will provide a more reliable and secure mating mechanism for industrial and other user applications.

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