SATA 22 Pin to Data and Power combo cable for HDD

SATA 22 Pin to Data and Power combo cable for HDD


  • Features A Thin Cable Design, Which Helps Reduce Clutter And Increase Airflow Within The Computer/Server Case, For Optimum System Performance.
  • Compatible with both 3.5″ and 2.5″ SATA hard drives.
  • This cable combines both a SATA data cable and a SATA power adapter cable for all in one sata drive connection;
  • Cost-effective solution for powering a SATA drive from an LP4 connection on the computer power supply, which eliminates the cost of a power supply upgrade for compatibility with SATA hard drives

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Technical Specifications
Warranty Information
Part number                                                                STC-R018

Warranty                                                                     3-year

Cable Jacket Type                                                      PVC - Polyvinyl Chloride
 Wire Gauge                                                               18AWG/26AWG
Connector A                                                                1 - SATA Data & Power Combo(22 pin Female) Plug

Connector B                                                                1 - SATA (7-pin Female with lock) Plug

Connector C                                                                1 - IDE Big-4 Pin

Physical Characteristics
Cable Length                                                               500mm or Customize

Color                                                                            Red or Customize

Connector Style                                                           Straight 

Product Weight                                                            0 lb [0 kg]

Packaging Information
Package Quantity                                                        1Shipping (Package)

Weight                                                                          0 lb [0 kg]

What's in the Box

SATA 22 pin  to Data and Power Combo CABLE for HDD


SATA 22 PIN Data and Power Combo Cable for HDD SSD

The  SATA 22 Pin to Data and Power cable for HDD  features a combination 22-pin SATA receptacle data and power connector as well as an (LP4) power connector and SATA receptacle data connector, allowing you to create a conventional Serial ATA data connection to a computer while powering the drive through an LP4 connection to the computer power supply.
Compatible with both 3.5" and 2.5" SATA hard drives
This high-quality SATA power/LP4 adapter cable measures 1.3FT, providing the flexibility required to position the SATA hard drive as needed within the computer case, while eliminating the expense of upgrading the computer power supply for the sake of SATA compatibility.

SATA Power & DATA Combo Cable

Compatible with 2.5" or 3.5" SSD/HDD drives

Supports 5V and 12V voltages


SATA Power & Data Combo Cable

7+15 Pin SATA Cable

18AWG wire gauge


Flexible Cable Jacket

Easy-grip connectors

24-inch cable length


SATA(7+15)Pin Female To SATA7Pin +Molex4Pin HSG Power Combo Cable (SATA22Pin TO Data+Power) Cost-Effective Solution For Powering A SATA Drive From An LP4 Connection On The Computer Power Supply, Which Eliminates The Cost Of A Power Supply Upgrade For Compatibility With SATA Hard Drives.



Customer questions & answers

QUESTION: Can I use it on a 3.5' HDD?

ANSWER: Yes, you can


QUESTION: I'm trying to install a Velociraptor drive. Is this cable what I need to make it work? AMD, gigabyte SATA 3 motherboard. thank you.

ANSWER: Arcline, I'll qualify my answer by saying "it depends on your exact motherboard", but probably. The extended plug allows one plug to handle both data and power. The red cable is the SATA data cable. The red/black/yellow cable is an adapter from the old-style power plug to the SATA power plug. It plugs into an existing power cable in your PC. I Googled the install instructions for a WD Velociraptor drive. It appears this cable should work.


QUESTION: Does the white one need to be plugged into something?

ANSWER: Yes, the LP4 connector on the SATA18POW must be plugged into the power supply. Atha, Support.


QUESTION: will this work to bypass the 3rd pin on a shucked drive?

ANSWER: No, SATA18POW is a SATA combo cable that passes through all data pins. On the power side of the connector, it is the same as using a SATA to LP4 adapter. Nothing is bypassed.



"Because the device-side connector is a single unit, it provides a more secure data connection than separate data and power cables. This was important to me when connecting an older Intel SSD X18 drive to a carrier. For some reason, an individual data cable had a small amount of up-and-down play that would result in the computer not seeing the drive unless the cable was at an angle providing a tight connection to the contacts. This cable works on the same device without issues."


"I had an external hard drive that had a power problem and my tax returns from last year were on it so I had to try to get to them so I purchased this cable so I could take that hard drive out of its external case and install it into the rack in my home office computer. It worked great and I was able to get my data off of that drive. Now it works so well that I am still using that drive (though I am keeping backup on hand.....)"


"Needed an easy solution to attach a new SATA drive without having to buy multiple cables. This cable easily connected to the SATA drive and had more than enough length to attach to my motherboard in a mid-size ATX case. This does have a Molex (LP4) power supply connector so make sure your PS has a Molex power cable or you will need a different adapter."


"This is the second one I've purchased. Both work fine. The combo style of cable is the only one that is mechanically stable enough for my taste. Most SATA data cables jiggle, but when combined with the power cable they're very stable. Those with retainer clips are also good but, at least for my application, not as good as the combo."


"I recently ordered a Blu-Ray burner for my desktop from a company and forgot to read the small print where it said it was an OEM product, thus not coming with screws or cables. I ordered this item from Amazon, and it worked exactly as I expected."


"Ideal for my Silverstone case"


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