18in Latching SATA to Right Angle SATA Serial ATA Cable

18in Latching SATA to Right Angle SATA Serial ATA Cable


  • 2x Latching SATA connectors
  • Supports full SATA 3.0 6Gbps bandwidth
  • Compatible with both 3.5″ and 2.5″ SATA hard drives
  • Provides 24″ in cable length
  • Installing Serial ATA hard drives, and DVD drives in Small Form Factor computer cases
  • Server and storage subsystem applications

Product Detail

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Technical Specifications
Warranty Information
Part number                                                                 STC-P017

Warranty                                                                       3-year

Cable Jacket Type                                                        PVC - Polyvinyl Chloride
Type and Rate                                                              SATA III (6 Gbps)
Connector A                                                                 1 - SATA (7 pin, Data) Latching Receptacle

Connector B                                                                 1 - SATA (7 pin, Data) Latching Receptacle

Physical Characteristics
Cable Length                                                                18 in [457.2 mm]

Color                                                                             Red

Connector Style                                                            Straight to Right Angle with Latching

Product Weight                                                             0 lb [0 kg]

Packaging Information
Package Quantity                                                         1Shipping (Package)

Weight                                                                          0.1 lb [0 kg]

What's in the Box

18in SATA to Right Angle SATA Serial ATA Cable


Right Angle SATA

This 18-inch right-angled latching SATA cable features a (straight) female Serial ATA connector as well as a right-angled (female) SATA connector, providing a simple connection to a Serial ATA drive even if space near the drive's SATA port is limited. The cable offers latching connectors, which ensure secure connections for SATA hard drives and motherboards that support this feature. Once the right-angled SATA connector has been inserted into the drive's SATA data port, the shaft of the cable is seated flush with the rear panel of the drive, eliminating the clutter of excess cable at the connection point - an ideal solution for small or micro form factor computer cases. The right-angled SATA cable supports high-speed data transfers up to 6Gbps, and features a thin, narrow construction that helps to improve airflow within the computer case; the cable features a rugged, yet flexible design that makes it easy to make the SATA connection as needed and is backed by Stccable.com's 3-year Warranty.



Side 1: 7-Pin SATA Plug

Side 2: Down Angle 7-Pin SATA Plug

Cable Length: 0.2 Meter

Latest SATA Revision 3.0 up to 6 Gbps

Backward compatible with SATA 1.0, 2.0 Ports

Please note the data transfer of the SATA subsystem will be limited to that of the slowest device

What is the Package: 2-PACK SATA III Cable


Latch Design

The locking latch design ensures a more secure connection.

Please press the locking latch before plugging and unplugging.


Compatible Devices

2.5" SSD drive

3.5" HDD drive

Optical DVD drive

RAID controller host card


Max 6Gbps SATA Data Cable

The latest SATA 3.0 allows up to 6Gbps data transmission, downwards compatible with SATA I and SATA II.

Please NOTE that it's just a data transfer cable that could support 6Gbps, while the actual speed is limited by the rating of your attached equipment.



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