Two Apple computer files are quickly transferred

Teach you to use the STC USB-C data cable to achieve fast transfer of two Apple computer files

When we transfer files between old and new Apple computers, or when two MAC data are transmitted between colleagues, we can use the target disk function of Apple MAC to make one computer become another through a simple green USB-C data cable. The external hard disk of the computer enables fast transfer of data and files.

The operation method is as follows
1. Connect the green USB-C data cable to two Apple computers. Note that the data cable needs to use USB 3.0 or 3.1 Type-C public data cable.

2. The two connected computers are named host computer and disk computer. The host computer is a normal working computer. The disk computer is like a mobile hard disk connected to the host computer.

Then restart the disk computer in the following two situations:

(1) If the disk computer is turned off, turn the disk computer on, and immediately press the “T” key when the computer starts up.

(2) If the disk computer is powered on, please click the Apple Notch icon – System Preferences – Boot Disk – Target Disk Mode, and finally click Restart.

3. The disk computer will start in the target disk mode, and then display it as the disk icon on the host computer. At this time, it can be used as a mobile hard disk to complete the file transfer quickly. The measured data transmission rate through the USB-C data line is 400M/S, 1G. The movie completes the transfer in 5 seconds.


STC Type-C public-to-common or regular Type-C data lines are available, but the data line transmission rate requirement is USB3.0 or higher. For details of the transmission rate, please refer to the product details.


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Post time: Jun-28-2019
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