• How to deal with the new challenge of USB PD charging quickly in mobile devices?
    Post time: Mar-22-2019

    What is the fastest growing power application today? There is no doubt that fast charging methods for mobile devices such as smartphones have a place. USB PD technology provides superior performance for fast charging of mobile devices, but at the same time it brings design and BOM cost challenges...Read more »

  • 8K And AI Enter The TV Is Unstoppable
    Post time: Mar-22-2019

    MediaTek’s next force point: 8K and AI enter the TV is unstoppable Although the trend of home is constantly innovating, it is believed that 90% of homes will use the TV as a standard in the living room. When the user purchases a TV set, the picture quality is one of the important factors to...Read more »

  • Panoramic analysis of Type-C industry chain
    Post time: Mar-19-2019

    Panoramic analysis of the Type-C industry chain, telling you about those business opportunities Type-C industry chain: upstream chip links (processors and chipsets, interface control chips) – system platform (Microsoft, Google, Apple) – system factory (mobile phones, computers, flat l...Read more »

  • Qualcomm, Huanxu Electronics, and Asustek cooperate in Brazil
    Post time: Mar-18-2019

    Qualcomm, Huanxu Electronics, and Asustek collaborate in Brazil to establish new factories to promote the development of the semiconductor industry Qualcomm’s subsidiaries Qualcomm Technologies, Huanxu Electronics Co., Ltd. and Asustek Computer Co., Ltd. announced the world’s first Qu...Read more »

  • Medical device connector specification
    Post time: Mar-15-2019

    Medical device connectors only need to meet the 2Mopp specification. Medical devices used to diagnose, treat, and monitor patients, such as electrocardiograms (Ecgs), thermal cautery, and monitors, must meet extremely high safety requirements. The international standard IEC 60601-1 directs produc...Read more »

  • Reverse plate connector
    Post time: Mar-15-2019

    TE introduces reverse board connectors for all types of LED lighting applications Recently, TE Connectivity (hereafter referred to as “TE”), the world’s leading provider of connectivity solutions, announced the BUCHANAN WireMate ITB (Reverse Through) connector. These wire-to-boa...Read more »

  • New wireless connector technology
    Post time: Mar-13-2019

    SiBEAM recently introduced SiBEAM SnapTM wireless connector technology, which will not only change the way consumers connect devices, but will also drive mobile devices to become slimmer and more durable in the future. Nowadays, consumers are inseparable from mobile devices all the time. They not...Read more »

  • Connector Development Direction
    Post time: Mar-11-2019

    As new equipment enters the ocean, connectors are becoming more demanding. Advanced communication technologies are the focus of naval system developers. As new equipment enters the ocean, connector manufacturers are required to provide easy-to-use, high-speed components to meet the unique specifi...Read more »

  • What you need to konw about HDMI 2.1
    Post time: Mar-09-2019

    A new version of HDMI is coming, and there are some big changes — including support for resolutions up to 10K as well as a new cable. Here’s the skinny on fatter AV bandwidth When the HDMI 2.0 specification is not yet fully available, the HDMI Association has released a new generation...Read more »

  • How to troubleshoot HDMI to VGA video convert adapter common faults?
    Post time: Mar-07-2019

    The notebooks, video games, network boxes and other devices produced in recent years are basically equipped with the latest HDMI high-definition interface, and for families who still use old TVs, projectors and other devices with VGA interface, they want to have HDMI interface. The device is conn...Read more »

  • HDMI to VGA converter disassembly
    Post time: Mar-06-2019

    In recent years, with the increasing popularity of high-definition interfaces, the older generation of VGA interfaces has gradually withdrawn from the historical arena. Recently introduced computers and mainframes have basically eliminated the VGA output interface, and replaced them with HDMI, DP...Read more »

  • The longer the data cable of the mobile phone, the slower the charging speed
    Post time: Mar-05-2019

    Nowadays, mobile phones occupy more and more people’s time, and work and leisure are inseparable from mobile phones. Therefore, despite the current growing battery capacity of mobile phones, people still can’t meet the demand for electricity. This involves charging the phone. Differen...Read more »

  • What is fast charging of mobile phones?
    Post time: Mar-04-2019

    Fast charging of mobile phones is divided into three major categories: VOOC flash charging fast charging technology, Qualcomm Quick Charge 2.0 fast charging technology, MediaTek Pump Express Plus fast charging technology. VOOC flash charging and charging for 5 minutes for 2 hours, charging for 30...Read more »

  • USB 3.1 Specification & Type-C Connector Information
    Post time: Feb-28-2019

    USB is called Universal Serial Bus. It is translated into Universal Serial Bus. It is a serial bus standard for connecting computer systems and external devices. It is also a technical specification for input and output interfaces. It is widely used in personal computers and mobile devices. Commu...Read more »

  • Huawei released Mate X folding screen mobile phone, which will be listed in the middle of the year
    Post time: Feb-27-2019

    Huawei recently released the HUAWEI Mate X at MWC2019 for priced at 2,299 euros, which is expected to be released in the middle of 2019. As the first mobile phone released after Huawei’s New Year, it naturally contains all the black technologies that Huawei currently uses. Then let’s ...Read more »

  • Realize multi-screen interaction / Active DP to HDMI DVI VGA
    Post time: Feb-22-2019

    We know that a very attractive feature of AMD Radeon HD5000 series graphics card is Eyefinity multi-screen output technology, which breaks the traditional dual-head 2D output mode of the graphics card, allowing gamers to use the incredible three-screen, five-screen or even six The screen display ...Read more »

  • Can you go HDMI to VGA?
    Post time: Feb-16-2019

    HDMI to VGA Converter is a converter that can convert high-definition video HDMI digital signals into VGA analog signals and AUDIO audio signals. It is suitable for all devices with standard HDMI output interfaces, such as: PS3, XBO, X360, HD set-top box, Blu-ray DVD, HD player, laptop, Lenovo Q1...Read more »

  • A Perfect Solution to Expand Your MacBook
    Post time: Feb-15-2019

    Although Apple MacBook prices have become more and more close to the people, but for most users is still relatively expensive, especially the MacBook interface is relatively small, user expansion has to buy additional accessories. After browsing Apple’s official website, it is absolutely am...Read more »

  • How to Multi-screen display without border?
    Post time: Jan-22-2019

    The ASUS ‘Bezel-free Kit’ is a messy multi-monitor solution Smartphones are evolving toward full-screen screens this year. The borders are getting narrower and narrower, the black edges are getting smaller and smaller, and the visual effects are better. Laptop screens and monitors als...Read more »

  • What is Eyefinity technology?
    Post time: Jan-21-2019

    Expand your gaming, work and entertainment horizons with advanced ATI Eyefinity multi-display technology to open up new areas of all-round computing. By introducing AMD’s new GPUs for the next generation of DirectX® 11, ATI Eyefinity technology with DisplayPort connectivity enables a single...Read more »

  • What is the difference between a VGA and HDMI cable?
    Post time: Jan-07-2019

    What is the difference between a VGA and HDMI cable? Misunderstanding 1: HDMI is HD, VGA is not     HDMI is the interface standard for video and represents a signal transmission format. It contains video signals, audio signals, and HDCP copyright protection protocols. Currently HDMI supports up t...Read more »

  • LG launches 2019 4K and 8K ThinQ TVs with HDMI 2.1 interface
    Post time: Jan-03-2019

    The CES2019 will be held in Las Vegas next week, and prior to this, LG announced several new OLED and LCD ThinQ TV models this year, including the 88-inch 8K OLED and the 75-inch 8K LCD. The LG 2019 OLED flagship lineup will include 8K Z9 and 4K W9, 4K E9 and 4K C9 series TVs, all of which will f...Read more »

  • What is HDMI 2.1?
    Post time: Jan-02-2019

    HDMI 2.1: here’s everything you need to know about the new standard In 2018, it was a black technology blowout in the field of consumer electronics. The new technology of mobile phone manufacturers was frequent, and many old SLR manufacturers launched new products. The price of 4K TVs began to be...Read more »

  • Taiwan’s supply chain said that the price of USB Type-C chips will fall by more than 20% in 2019.
    Post time: Dec-20-2018

    Taiwan’s supply chain said that the price of USB Type-C chips will fall by more than 20% in 2019. According to Taiwan’s DIGITIMES report, local chip makers expect that the price of USB Type-C (also known as USB-C) related chips will fall by more than 20% in 2019. This also indicates t...Read more »

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