USB 3.1 SuperSpeed USB C Cable

USB 3.1 SuperSpeed USB C Cable


  • Output max up to 5A /20V; Power and charge your pc, laptop, tablet or phone up to 100 watts with your USB-C charger.
  • This 5A USB C power delivery cable especially designed for the high-power devices like 15-inch Macbook Pro 2016 / 2017 (suggests pairing with 87W original power charger)
  • Built in an electronically marked chipset (E-Marker) for power delivery detects the connected device for safely charge
  • Super Speed: USB 3.1 full-featured type c cable supports ultra-fast data transfer / sync speed up to 10Gbt/s; support high performance 4K UHD video and audio throughput, can send or receive an HD movie in under 5 seconds.
  • Compatibility: with Thunderbolt 3 computers such as the Dell Latitude 7370 with a USB-C charger; downward compatible with small power devices, 

Product Detail

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Technical Specifications
Warranty Information
Part number                                                                 STC-M019

Warranty                                                                       2-years

Cable Jacket Type                                                        PVC - Polyvinyl Chloride

Cable Shield Type                                                        Aluminum-Mylar Foil with Braid

Connector Plating                                                         Nickel

Type and Rate                                                              USB 3.1 - 10Gbps

Power Delivery                                                              20V/5A

Connector A                                                                  1 - USB Type-C (24 pin) USB 3.1 Male

Connector B                                                                  1 - USB Type-C (24 pin) USB 3.1 Male

Physical Characteristics
Cable Length                                                                 1 ft/3.3 ft/5 ft (customzation)

Color                                                                              Black/white

Connector Style                                                             Straight

Product Weight                                                             1.1 oz [30 g]

Wire Gauge                                                                   24/30 AWG

Packaging Information
Package Quantity                                                         1Shipping (Package)

Weight                                                                           1.3 oz [37 g]

What's in the Box

USB 3.1 SuperSpeed USB C Cable


USB 3.1 Gen2 usb c

Compatible Devices

2015 Macbook 12 inch, Google Nexus 5X, Nexus 6P, Pixel, Pixel XL, Chromebook Pixel, Pixel C, Lumia 950; OnePlus 7, Lumia 950XL, ZUK Z1, OnePlus 2, Samsung ChromeBook Pro, Samsung Galaxy S8 and other devices with USB Type C connector.

Full-Featured USB C Cable

Upgraded USB C Cable with a build-in E-marker chip programmed to identify the cable as being 5A capable;

The can help automatically adjust the current within specification, and ensure charging your device safely;

Supports USB Power Delivery from 5V/3A-20V/5A, 100W Maximum.

4K Video Transmit

This cable supports up to 3840x2160 @ 60HZ 4K video signal transferring for the connection between USB C laptop and display. ( Video transmit function only works for those devices whose USB C port supports DP Alt Mode, which means it supports data transfer, power in and video out functions )

USB 3.1 Gen 2 --The New Generation of USB

One of the highest standard of USB Type C Cable

It is an ideal single-cable solution for delivering audio/video, data and charging simultaneously for every conceivable platform and device with USB C port

USB 3.1 Gen 2 supports SuperSpeed+ data transfer up to 10Gbps, and backward compatible with USB 3.1, 3.2 and 2.0.

20 times of USB 2.0, complete large store file and HD video or audio transferring in seconds.

USB C to USB C Reversible Design

Insert your cable in a right way all the time.

Reversible data sync and charging between all your USB C devices

Strong and Durable

Durable braided jacket USB C to USB C cable and contains a full set of wires.


Customer questions & answers

Question: Compatible with raid external enclosures? could be used under windows and linux? thanks.

Answer: Compatible with anything with a USB-C connector.

Question: How about a 1ft and 6ft lengths of this cable, as you have with the USB A-C version? I'd like to standardize on them.

Answer: I think it would be real chancy with the 6 foot. The 1 foot should work with no problem. I found out the hard way that you can only go 1 meter with true Gen 2 USBC or about 3 feet. I tried a C to C version in 6 foot of this cable and it wouldn't charge or pass data. Dropped back to stay in the specs range and all works well. But when you go to USB A or more likely USB 3.0 to USBC I think its a crap shoot whether they will work or not. Personally I would avoid 6 footers with USBC.

Question: Does this cable support “dp alt mode” or “displayport over usb-c”? 

Answer: Hello, 
This is the usb c- c cable
It can be used for any usb c port cable. 
Also it meet the USB 3.1 gen 2 standard, USB Power Delivery up to 100W 20V/5A with E-marker chip automatically adjust current with the 10Gbps data transfer.


Customer Feedback

1. These cables are the real deal. Awesome transfer speeds. Perfect voltage/amp levels as tested with my Satechi. The cables are thick yet plyable. They tend to stay in the shape you mold the to which is great. So tired of cables that stay in the shape they were shipped at. I bought 4. Also bought a coupe USB A to micro and A to C cables. Replacing all the cables I've collected over the years.

2. Works perfectly, including Thunderbolt and 65W PD charging.I've seen many USB C cables acting weird in some data and charging configurations. This is the only one that has always worked in any configuration I tried.

3. I was also trying to see if I can reproduce the behavior the other reviewer was indicating in their review regarding anomalous devices registering with the computer, but I was not able to reproduce this issue. As seen by USBLogView, the only device that registered with the computer was the one plugged into the end of the cable (my drive enclosure). There were no keyboards, no CD-ROMs, or anything similar that appeared 30 minutes after plugging in this cable. I can't say for sure if a mouse would appear like 24 hours after I plug this in, but it is highly unlikely that a cable sold commercially in this manner would harbor malware. If I were to venture a guess, the previous reviewer most likely had an Android phone plugged into the end of the cable, and enabling File Transfer mode may cause removable devices or virtual CD-ROM drives to show up (for drivers). This is quite a common occurrence and has nothing to do with the cable itself.

Although the cable itself was somewhat expensive, I was able to achieve a 7.3Gbps transfer rate between my computer and the SSD attached via the drive enclosure (the cable was snug and I don't have any issues with the cable falling out). I am not seeing any other cables that short (1ft) that would allow such a transfer rate while also allowing 100W of PD charging. Would recommend if you need the speed, otherwise, a USB 2.0 C-C cable may be more economical.

4. Most people are using this cable for their portables (as am I) however it’s thickness and specification is more akin to an HDMI video cable. It’s not flexible and it’s very thick, however it’s make of good material with gold plated ends and high specifications for such a low price. Huge value and will likely last a long time.

Lower reviews are mostly about the thickness. For comparison it is about the size and weight of the HDMI cable coming out of your cable box.


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