What is the difference between M.2 B key and M key?

What is the M.2 interface?

The M.2 interface is a new interface specification introduced by Intel to replace MSATA. Simply put, it is a new host interface solution. Compared with the traditional MSATA interface, the M.2 interface is far superior to MSATA in terms of size and transmission performance. But many people don’t know much about this new M.2 interface. Here, the editor will give you some popular science about the M.2 interface.


M.2 interface rules

First, let’s understand the M.2 interface rules: The naming of the M.2 interface mainly follows three principles. The first is the size of the adapter (length + width); the second is the maximum Z-axis height from the top to the bottom of the adapter; The location of the third mechanical connection key is not listed here because there are many series of named models. A picture is attached for your reference.

The advantages of M.2 are secondly

Let’s talk about what advantages M.2 has compared with MSATA?

First, let’s look at the speed. The M.2 interface mainly has two interfaces: B and M. The B interface supports SATA or PCI-E x2 channels, with a maximum reading speed of 700MB/S; the M interface supports PCIe. x4 channel, the theoretical bandwidth can reach 4GB/s, which is five times that of the B interface. This shows how popular the M.2 interface is in the market. Second, we compare in terms of volume. Although the MSATA interface is small enough, compared with the M.2 interface, the volume of the single-sided MSATA interface is often much smaller than the overall volume of the M.2 interface.


The difference between B key and M key

Speaking of which, let’s distinguish the M.2 interface in detail. In addition to the difference in channel speed, their structural performance is mainly the difference in the notch position. The position of the M key interface is on the right, and the notch position of the B key interface is on the right. Left. Customers can choose the M.2 interface that suits them according to their own needs.

Regarding the distinction between PCIe bus interfaces, there is actually another interface form, which is the M.2 (B+M) key interface. This interface form can be used in either the B key slot or the M key slot. More Can be used in B+M slots.

M.2 to 8 Ports RS232 Serial Card


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