What is CAT8 network cable?

If you are in the network communication industry, I believe you should know some Ethernet cables, such as Category 5e network cables, Category 6 network cables and Category 7 network cables, etc. But do you know what Cat8 network cable is? What is the difference between it and Category 5 network cable, Category 6/Category 6 network cable and Category 7/Category 7 network cable?


What is CAT8 network cable?

Cat8 network cable is the latest generation double shielded (SFTP) network jumper, it has two wire pairs, can support 2000MHz bandwidth, and the transmission rate is as high as 40Gb/s, but its maximum transmission distance is only 30m, so it is generally used For the connection of servers, switches, distribution frames and other equipment in short-distance data centers.


Cat8 standard for eight types of network cables

The relevant standards of Cat8 eight types of network cables were officially released by the TR-43 Committee of the American Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA) in 2016, as follows:

1. It complies with the IEEE 802.3bq 25G / 40GBASE-T standard, which stipulates the minimum transmission rate of Cat8 network cables, and can support 25 Gbps and 40 Gbps network cabling.

2. Conforms to the ANSI/TIA-568-C.2-1 standard, which specifies the channel and permanent link of Cat8 network cable, and includes the restrictions of resistance unbalance, TCL and ELTCTL.

3. It complies with ANSI/TIA-1152-A standard, which stipulates the measurement and accuracy requirements of Cat8 network cable field tester. 4. Conforms to the ISO/IEC-11801 standard, which specifies the channels and permanent links of Category I/II Cat8 network cables.


Category of Cat8 network cable

In the ISO/IEC-11801 standard, Cat8 network cables are divided into Category I and Category II according to the channel level. Among them, the shielding types of Category I Cat8 network cables are U/FTP and F/UTP, which are backward compatible with Cat5e and Cat6 , Cat6a RJ45 connector interface; Category II Cat8 network cable shielding type is F/FTP or S/FTP, which is backward compatible with TERA or GG45 connector interface.

The difference between Cat8 network cable and Category 5e network cable, Category 6 network cable, Category 6 network cable and Category 7/Category 7 network cable

At present, there are five types of network cables that are common on the market: Category 5e network cables, Category 6 network cables, Category 6e network cables, Category 7 network cables and Category 7e network cables. So what is the difference between Cat8 network cables and these network cables? ? The following is the parameter table of the above network cable:


As can be seen from the above table, Cat8 network cables, like Category 7/super seven network cables, are shielded twisted pairs, which can be used in data centers, high-speed and bandwidth-intensive places, although the transmission distance of Cat8 network cables is not as good as Category 7/Category 7e network cable is far away, but its speed and frequency are much higher than Category 7/Category 7e network cable. There is a big difference between Cat8 category 8 network cable and category 5e network cable, category 6/category 6 network cable, which is mainly reflected in the speed, frequency, transmission distance and application.





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