What Is An FPV HDMI Cable?

What Is An FPV HDMI Cable?

First Person View (FPV) HDMI Cables are most commonly used for transferring high definition audio or video between devices over a single cable. In order to make use of them, it is important that the devices you’ll use have an HDMI interface or ports.

There are numerous uses for HDMI cables such as when watching movies from laptops to movies. In a similar function, they can be used to connect laptops to a second monitor, which is particularly helpful in offices. For homes, they can also be utilized to connect a Set-Top-Box or a Streaming Box to the TV. Lastly, for a better watching or listening experience, soundbars can also be connected using an HDMI cable to the TV or a laptop for better sound quality.


Is FPV HDMI cable same as normal HDMI cable?

There shouldn’t be any difference. They only call it FPV ( First Person View ) because the cable is very flexible and therefore suitable to connect to a rotating camera on a drone

HDMI cables, based on its name, are composed of a cable and HDMIs. FPV or First Person View HDMI Cables are known for being lightweight on the actual cable part. Unlike a regular HDMI cable which is usually bulky and has a limited range of length and movement, this type of cable is flat and paper-thin which allows a wider range of motion including multiple twists and turns. An ordinary HDMI cable, attributing to its weight would usually end up weakening micro and mini HDMIs; A FPV’s ribbon like a cable would hold these little HDMIs perfectly.

Another difference that they have from typical HDMI cables is that their connections are exposed and have no protection over them. For some brands, tubings are provided which can be used to secure the cables to the connections. An alternative is by using a shrink wrap to cover the ends. This will help keep them useful for a long time. Some FPV cables have 90-degree connections. To ensure that they are working properly and to avoid breaking them, make sure that the proper orientation of the port is followed.


Where to buy them?

FPV HDMI cables are sold on our website. you can click below link to konw more detail info for the cables.

FPV Flat Slim Thin Ribbon FPC Up 90 degree Micro USB cable

FPV Flat Slim Thin Ribbon FPC Micro USB extension cable

FPV Flat Slim Thin Ribbon FPC USB extension cable

Flat Slim Thin Ribbon FPC Micro USB 90 degree cable

FPV USB 2.0 male to male FFC Super Soft Ultra Thin Flat FPC charging AV output ribbon Cable

standard Dual Type-C USB FPV male Super Soft flexible Cable

Micro USB Down angle to Micro USB up angle FFC FPV Flat Slim Thin flexible FPC Cable

USB 2.0 male to Micro USB down Angled FPV 3A monitor Super Soft Ultra Thin Flat FPC charging AV output flexible Cable

Micro USB Down angle to USB 3.1 type-C male FFC FPV Flat Slim Thin flexible FPC Cable

Standard HDMI Male interface; Standard HDMI FEMALE interface; MINI HDMI Male Interface; MINI HDMI Female interface; MICRO Male interface; RIBBON cable available :5cm;10cm 20cm;30cm;40cm;50cm;60cm;80cm;100cm


1>”Super lightweight, flexible, tough and they fit in the HDMI ports of the camera better than any other HDMI I have ever used. I bought two of these in different lengths I like them so much!
Update: After trying a less expensive model I went back to to these. Cheaper ones that came disassembled were all DOA for me.”

2>”PERFECT!! Good product, it is fragile, but this is a flat cable soldered to a bare connector, the intention is to have a light cable….
I use it with my gopro on a gimbal, where any weight my throw out the balance of my gimbal, with this on hand I can connect video out of my gopro to an lcd on the same rig.
Their customer service is so on point,”

3>”I needed light-weight and “extremely” flexible HDMI ribbon cables for my drones. These are awesome! Great selection of connectors and lengths Half the price of the ones I was buying, and equally well made. Shipping was right on time, and the packaging protected the cable perfectly. Highly recommend these guys.”

 4>”It was a nice and easy transaction. The product turned out to be well made and following instructions I added the shrink wrap in a matter of minutes. I used it to connect my Nikon to a large flat screen TV and Voila!, it worked the first time. I plan on ordering more of these cables.”

5>”Great cable for gimbal work. It’s light and flexible. I had one die on me after several months of use, and Permanent Industries replaced it for free :) the new ones come with heat shrink that you can apply to the ends in order to protect the soldering. I applied it on my new one, and it works like a charm :) Very happy with the product and the costumer service.”

6>”Using this on my Crane 2 gimbal to connect to a monitor, and it’s so light it hardly feels like it’s there. Doesn’t affect the gimbal at all… Perfect”

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