Type-C interface headphone extension cable

About the sound quality problem of the Type-C interface headphone extension cable in used

Since the iPhone7 canceled the traditional 3.5mm headphone jack, domestic mobile phone manufacturers began to cancel the earphone hole one after another, from the early batch of Xiaomi 6 Nubia Z17 to this year’s flagship machine Xiaomi 8 Huawei P20, the headphone port charging port has become one. The trend of the times. Nowadays Android users want to continue to use 3.5mm audio equipment, it needs to be realized by Type-C headphone extension cable.


Type-C headphone extension cable is a converter that converts Type-C interface into 3.5mm audio port, because there are few audio devices on the market for Type-C interface, especially the current high quality audio is still at 3.5mm. Interface, enthusiasts can only use advanced equipment through the patch cord. The patch cord is divided into Type-C to headphone port and Type-C to headphone port + charging port one for two.


Current sound problem of Type-C headphone extension cable

The normal audio file is stored in the form of a digital signal, which is converted into an analog signal by the DAC chip that comes with the mobile phone, and then transmitted to a conventional 3.5mm audio device. The quality of the conversion of the DAC chip determines the sound quality of the mobile phone. In order to save space on the mobile phone, the manufacturer has removed the DAC function attached to the mobile phone. Although the 2-in-1 Type-C interface supports analog signal transmission, the sound of the transmitted sound is very loud and there is a problem of current noise. This requires peripheral manufacturers to re-filter the output audio signal when developing the headphone patch cord to ensure higher sound quality transmitted to the headset.


Charging problems with the headphone extension cable

Because Android manufacturers do not have uniform specifications for mobile phone audio solutions, some Type-C to headphones + charging one for two tones, in the case of simultaneous charging and plugging headphones, there will be a problem of slow current charging and slow charging, because the internal protocol identification of the mobile phone The charging port is turned into a USB port, just like the phone is plugged into the computer’s USB port to charge, the current is only a few hundred milliamps. There are also some special cases, such as when the headset is unplugged, the phone will stop charging and need to be plugged in again.


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