New wireless connector technology

SiBEAM recently introduced SiBEAM SnapTM wireless connector technology, which will not only change the way consumers connect devices, but will also drive mobile devices to become slimmer and more durable in the future.

Nowadays, consumers are inseparable from mobile devices all the time. They not only want their devices to have an eye-catching design, but also hope to avoid daily accidents such as coffee spills or water in the skiing process. Damage caused. While technologies such as LTE, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, WirelessHD®, and wireless charging ensure that consumers can freely use their mobile devices at any time, the presence of physical connectors still limits the durability and industrial design of the device to some extent.

The revolutionary SiBEAM Snap technology is designed to replace physical connectors on devices such as smartphones, tablets, 2-in-1 notebooks, motion cameras, wireless docks and POS terminals. By using SiBEAM Snap instead of physical connectors, device manufacturers will have more design space, bring consumers a completely wireless and design-like device, and be able to make products thinner, lighter, and capable. Better protect against damage caused by water, mud and dust.

Wireless power or wireless charging is rapidly evolving into the basic functions of smartphones and tablets, and SiBEAM Snap technology is a further extension of these technologies. When paired with wireless charging technology, SiBEAM Snap technology completely replaces USB, HDMI or DisplayPort connectors for data and video transmission and charging, enabling devices to be truly connectorless.

SiBEAM is about to launch its first two Snap single-chip integrated circuit (IC) solutions, the SB6212 Snap Transmitter and the SB6213 Snap Receiver, designed to replace any USB 2.0 or USB 3.0 connector, providing up to 12Gb/s bidirectional wireless Throughput and the bandwidth required for high-speed video and data transmission.

“As a leader in wireless power supply, IDT offers ultra-small-package semiconductor products to ensure that our customers can develop small-sized, stylish consumer devices. SiBEAM shares with us,” said Majid Kafi, senior director of marketing for IDT’s Analog and Power Division. The wireless world vision, we look forward to working with them on innovative products such as Snap technology to expand the wireless ecosystem.”

David Kuo, senior director of marketing at SiBEAM, Inc., said: “The release of Snap technology reflects SiBEAM’s belief in innovation in the connectivity arena, driving the transformation of the mobile marketplace with true wireless connector solutions. Snap technology takes advantage of our proven performance The millimeter wave technology expertise allows designers to free themselves from all the mechanical constraints of the connector, creating a new generation of thinner, more versatile, and more sophisticated mobile devices.”

Key features and benefits of SiBEAM Snap technology:


· Secure two-way ultra-high bandwidth wireless link

High-speed data transmission and 4K ultra-high definition video streaming up to 12Gb/s

Replace physical data and video connectors, including all USB 2.0, USB 3.0, HDMI and DisplayPort connectors

· Synchronous low-speed transmission data channel with communication and control functions

· No software drivers required


· Exquisite industrial design – to create a true wireless device, the appearance is not discounted

Multi-gigabit (GB) transmission speed – able to align with next-generation connector speed

· High degree of freedom – helps designers design equipment that can be carried more durable, stronger and more resistant to damage

Reduced signal loss and EMI design complexity of ultra-high bandwidth physical connectors

The main features of SB6212 and SB6213:

Single-chip solution supports USB 2.0, USB 3.0 and I2C interfaces

· Replaces USB Type A, Type B, Type C and Micro USB connectors


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Post time: Mar-13-2019
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