How can I add more HDMI ports to my TV?

HDMI Splitter principle, application scenario analysis and usage

The HDMI Splitter can display multiple HDMI HD signals on the same large screen. It is a device that solves the single-screen split display of the HDMI signal screen by hardware. The HDMI picture splitter output mode can be set to display multiple split effects.

STC HDMI picture splitter works:

The HDMI picture splitter adopts image compression, and digitally processes the chip to compress the multi-channel video picture and display it on a large display screen. Part of the HDMI picture splitter has a built-in sequence switch function, which can display the full-screen picture input by each signal source in turn and output on the display large screen in order.

HDMI splitter application analysis

The main parameters:

STC HDMI splitter supports HDCP1.2, which can be connected to PS4, XBOX, Blu-ray DVD and other devices;

1. Input resolution supports 1920*1080@60Hz and is backward compatible with 1080i, 720P/720i/560p/560i and other resolutions;

2. The output supports 1920*1080@60Hz and 1280*720@60Hz. The audio only supports stereo, and the sampling rate is 48KHz 24bit;

3. Support Mac OS\Windows\Linux system;

4. With buttons and remote control, you can switch between audio and video display modes and screen arrangement mode.

5. The product has four blue input selection indicators and one red power indicator;

6. The product has a power-off memory function. After setting the mode that you need, you will not need to repeat the settings after the next power-on;

HDMI video screen splitters are generally used in surveillance systems, conference systems, government agencies, medical systems, large shopping malls, games, conventions and other fields.

How to use the STC HDMI splitter connection:

STC HDMI splitter display mode:

Four scene modes are recommended, which can meet different needs according to different usage occasions: split mode, preview mode, dual screen mode and single screen mode.

At the same time, STC HDMI splitter supports cascading, three splitter cascaded combination, can support 8-screen on-screen display. Equipped with a 5V-2A power adapter to solve the problem of black screens caused by insufficient power supply at the same time.


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