Does converting VGA to HDMI require power supply?

Does converting VGA to HDMI require power supply?

Theoretically speaking, every converter that requires a chip needs to be powered. VGA signals are analog signals and HDMI signals are digital signals. The process of converting VGA to HDMI is the process of converting analog signals to digital signals. Analog signals cannot Direct conversion into digital signals requires the use of a dedicated chip to convert analog signals into digital signals. Each conversion chip has different power requirements. Some only require a very low voltage. This type of converter can work normally using the power supply of the computer's VGA interface, while some require a power adapter to work properly.

The VGA to HDMI converter uses a low-voltage chip that supports converting the VGA signal and the host's 3.5mm audio signal into an HDMI signal that synchronizes audio and video. Normally, it is directly plugged into the VGA output interface of the host and connected. Up to 3.5mm audio, and then connect the HDMI cable and HDMI display to use it. However, for the stable operation of the machine, we usually leave a Micro USB power supply interface. When the image does not display or other unstable situations, use The problem can be solved by connecting the equipped Micro USB cable to the USB port of the host for power supply; of course, if your host can work normally without being connected to the power supply and does not affect the picture, you can make your own decision and do not need to connect to the USB power supply. ; At this time, it seems to everyone that VGA to HDMI does not require power supply.

For industrial VGA to HDMI converters, relatively speaking, because the color depth, bandwidth, etc. are very large, and the chips used have relatively high voltage requirements, they need to be powered by a power adapter.

Does converting VGA to HDMI require power supply? Generally speaking, whether it is the mini VGA to HDMI converter or the industrial-grade VGA to HDMI converter VH, power supply is required during the process of converting VGA to HDMI. If there is no power supply, it will cause If the machine cannot work properly, problems such as black screen and unstable picture may occur if the machine cannot work properly.


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