Delay in launching iPhone 5G phones

Although 5G networks are still popular, Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi, ZTE, OPPO and other mobile phone manufacturers have already made their own 5G mobile phones at this year’s MWC exhibition. In 2019, they can also be called the first year of 5G mobile phones. But so far Apple has not made any statement on 5G mobile phones.

On the optimistic side, Apple has always disliked the pursuit of immature black technology, but behind Apple may have its own unspeakable, Apple may face difficulties in the choice of 5G baseband – self-developed 5G baseband has no news, Intel 5G baseband and Not to force, looking for Samsung, Qualcomm is said to have been rejected.

Yesterday, Taiwanese media reported that Apple intended to purchase 5G baseband from Samsung, but was rejected. Samsung’s reason is insufficient capacity. Although this report did not report more details, the reason why Samsung, the world’s largest mobile phone factory, refused to provide Apple with 5G chips is a bit unbelievable. As the world’s second-largest smartphone manufacturer, Apple still has an annual sales volume of 200 million. Therefore, Apple’s 5G baseband is an oversized order. Many manufacturers are too late to grab. The temptation to reject Apple’s temptation is a bit ridiculous. It may be that there are still some places in the cooperation between the two sides. Talk about it.

Although Apple’s purchase of 5G baseband is not necessarily accurate by Samsung’s rejection, Apple’s test on 5G mobile phones is true. In this regard, Apple faces great difficulties whether it is self-developed chips or other products.

Although Apple’s A-series processors are world-class in terms of performance and technology, Apple’s A processor has not integrated baseband. It relied on companies such as Infineon and Qualcomm. It started to use Intel baseband last year, but Apple’s self-developed baseband. It is also an open secret in the industry. However, self-developed baseband is not easy. The 5G baseband NSA and SA networking methods, coupled with backward compatibility with 2G/3G/4G networks, are not difficult for companies like Apple that have no experience in self-developed baseband. Even if the R&D is successful, it has to go through the network test of operators all over the world. Time and patience are indispensable. NVIDIA’s 4G baseband is because of this.

At present, the iPhone XS and other series of mobile phones are based on the Intel 4G baseband, but Intel does not seem to be strong on the 5G baseband. Although Intel announced the 5G baseband XMM8160 earlier, it supports 6G models of 4G, 3G and 2G systems, and also supports 5G SA and NSA networking. However, Intel has also had a lot of problems on the 5G baseband. Earlier, Intel engineers broke the baseband yield and the heat rate was not high. More importantly, after the large-scale use of Intel’s baseband last year, Apple’s iPhone XS/XR and other mobile phones were exposed to problems such as poor signal quality, which had a bad influence on Apple’s mobile phone word of mouth.

The remaining options are Huawei, Qualcomm and MediaTek. Huawei’s Barong 5000 baseband is currently the strongest indicator and one of the fastest. However, Huawei’s baseband has not been sold in the past. It has been self-produced. And become the key to Huawei’s product differentiation.

As for MediaTek, their Helio M70 baseband specifications are weaker than those of other companies’ 5G basebands, and the progress is slower. Although there have been rumors that Apple has found MediaTek to discuss the supply of 5G baseband, it has not The following.

At present, Apple and Qualcomm’s patent disputes are also “uninterrupted,” so Qualcomm’s refusal to provide Apple with 5G baseband is also expected. But refusing Apple Qualcomm will also miss billions of dollars in orders each year.

Although 5G mobile phones are not currently hot, the real popularity may have to wait until after 2020. However, Apple’s difficulties in the 5G baseband are not easy to solve. It can be said that there is not much time left for Apple. After all, the competition in the mobile phone market is so fierce.

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