Application of network cable extension line

The network cable is not long enough? Let it help! STC six types of network cable extension cord!

In the field of manufacturing, network extension requires more professional cables. This series of super category 5 and category 6 network extension cables can easily connect the network cable from the junction box, or when the port to be connected is far away, it can also Can be easily resolved. It is specially designed for applications that require a higher wiring length during network construction. It can be equipped with panel mounting flange or flangeless in-line two specifications.

The network cable is not long enough? The decoration is pre-buried short? I think many friends have encountered this problem. Those who have not been in touch with network accessories may not know what to do. So I will tell you about the network cable extension cable today. In fact, I didn’t know the existence of the network cable extension cable before I came into contact with the Internet. I have more contact and use more, and I am familiar with all kinds of adapter accessories, so I don't need to waste more wires.

Recently, I bought a network cable extension cable online because the network cable at home was too short. As for the brand of accessories, I use STC more often. The price is close to the people, and the product line and quality are relatively guaranteed, so I will always use his products.

In the choice of wire, what I value most is the transmission speed and the stability of the signal. This STC network cable extension cable uses a pure copper core, 8-core cross skeleton twisted pair combination, so that the signal can be extended even if it is extended. Be more stable. Like me, many people are worried that the signal and transmission efficiency will be affected after the extension. You can rest assured about this. Besides, I bought a Category 6 network cable, and the transmission will be more stable.

The connector part is a pure copper gold-plated three-prong chip that can fit the network cable very accurately, there will be no excessive loss in transmission, and the conduction performance will be stronger. The parts at both ends are covered with metal parts, and there is no need to worry about the wire being scrapped after too many times of plugging and unplugging.


From the perspective of the material and thickness of the wire, it has also been thickened, and the outer cover made of PVC material can protect the inner copper core more effectively, even if it is bent, it will not have any effect.

Whether it is the plug or the interface part that is suitable for use, it can be very stable, and there is no need to worry that the network cable will fall off with a slight movement. In that case, the brand may not be able to gain a firm foothold. A network cable is simple and relatively simple. Many friends have also pressed the crystal head, but there is still a gap between the transmission of Category 5 network cables and Category 6 cables, so the value of such Category 6 network cable extension cables is still good.

Accessories such as network cable extension cables are not often used, but when you really use them, you will find their usefulness. We can see from STC's network cable extension cable that whether it is the thickness of the wire material, or the gold-plated design and reinforcement of the connector, it can make us feel a brand's ability to treat products!


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