what you need to know about HDMI cable?

If we play console games, DIY home theaters, do live broadcasts, etc., and want to achieve the best audio and video effects, in addition to having good enough output devices such as TVs and stereos, we also need suitable accessories to connect and use, such as HDMI cables. It is the more common video transmission line.


When you buy an HDMI cable, you will find a number followed, such as HDMI2.1, HDMI2.0, HDMI1.4, HDMI1.2, so what do these numbers mean? These numbers represent different versions of the HDMI transmission protocol. The following is a function comparison table corresponding to each transmission protocol.





First of all, different versions of HDMI cables support different resolutions. In recent years, the newly released TVs and monitors of major brands have adopted 4K and 8K screens. If there is only a good screen, the video transmission cable cannot support high-resolution video transmission, and we still have no way to enjoy the ultra-high-definition picture. visual enjoyment. Therefore, it is very important to choose the right version of the HDMI cable. HDMI1.4 can support 4K 30Hz video signal transmission, HDMI2.0 can support 4K 60Hz video signal transmission, if you want to achieve 4K 120Hz and 8K 60Hz video signal transmission, It can only be achieved with an HDMI 2.1 high-definition cable.


In addition, HDMI2.1 not only has advantages in transmitting high-resolution pictures, but also supports variable refresh rate (vrr) technology, which can synchronize the refresh rate of the screen and the signal source, and flexibly adapt to various games The signal of the screen reduces tearing and stuttering, so that the game experience is not affected by the tearing screen.

The 2.1 version of the HDMI cable also supports dynamic HDR technology, which can increase the difference between light and dark in the picture, making the picture closer to the real color contrast, especially when dealing with landscape pictures, it can achieve a very shocking image effect, and at the same time make the picture look more clear.


Cables will inevitably encounter bending and entanglement during storage and installation. A durable HDMI cable needs suitable materials to wrap its body to protect the HDMI cable. STC's HDMI2.1 high-definition cable is wrapped with a layer of cotton mesh woven protective layer outside its PVC cable body, which can effectively protect the cable and reduce the damage to the cable body caused by bending and friction during use, so that an HDMI can be longer. The zinc alloy shell at the interface adopts electroplating pearl gun color process, and the streamlined shape makes the entire HDMI cable look more textured.


Furthermore, the HDMI2.1 high-definition cable is backward compatible. Even if the playback device you currently own does not reach a high resolution or does not support various black technologies for image processing, the HDMI2.1 high-definition cable can also be used, and if After adding more advanced audio and video equipment to the home, there is no need to change the cable. One cable is perfectly competent, and it can be done in one step. For example, when I used a 2k screen before, I bought the HDMI 2.1 high-definition cable from STC, and then moved it. The home has been replaced with an 8k screen, and this line can still be used, saving a lot of trouble.


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