Pitch 2.54mm Molex 2510 Type Wire To Board Connector wire harness cable

Pitch 2.54mm Molex 2510 Type Wire To Board Connector wire harness cable


  • Cable Length & Termination customized
  • Pitch: 2.5mm 
  • pins: 2 to 20 positions
  • Material: PA66  UL94V-2
  • Contact : Brass or Phosphor Bronze
  • Contact Area: Tin 50u “over 100u” nickel
  • Solder Tail Area: Matte tin/Underplating: Nickel
  • Current rating: 3A (AWG #22 to #28)
  • Voltage rating: 250V AC,DC

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Technical Specifications
Series:                                                                          STC-002541001 Series

Contact Pitch:                                                               2.5mm

No. of Contacts:                                                           2 to 20 positions

Current:                                                                        3A (AWG #22 to #28)

Compatible:                                                                  Cross Molex 2510 Connector Series

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General Specification
Current Rating:                                                              3A

Voltage Rating:                                                              250V

Temperature Range:                                                      -20°C~+85°C

Contact Resistance:                                                      0.02 Ohm max

Insulation Resistance:                                                   1000M Omega Min

Withstanding Voltage:                                                   1000V AC/minute


Pitch 2.54mm Molex 2510 Type Wire To Board Connector wire harness cable


Signal application KK 254 connectors are ideal for use in industries such as automotive, medical and consumer, delivering up to 5.0A and 250V per circuit in a 2.54mm centerline pitch. Dual-cantilever terminals offer a square-post contact area that interfaces with the male pin header through a spring-like contact. Available in 22 to 30 AWG wire, an optional box-style dual-cantilevered terminal is optimal for high-vibration applications.


Headers are available in single-row, unshrouded, through-hole PCB termination styles in solid and breakaway varieties. A friction lock is available for a more secure mating interface. KK 254 PCB receptacles are available in right-angle, top-entry and board-through configurations. Housings have built-in polarization features and are available in UL 94V-2 and UL 94V-0 nylons.



Dual-cantilever terminal

Ensure reliable electrical contact and performance with low insertion force

Polarizing header backwalls, polarizing ribs on receptacles and polarizing pegs

Prevent accidental mis-mating during assembly

Optional kinked PC tail

Maintains header positioning during soldering

Friction-lock headers and receptacles

Ensure secure mating and prevents accidental disengagement

KK RPC headers offered in high-temperature nylon and reflow matte-tin plating

Allow for 260ºC wave and reflow solder processing

Tape-and-reel packaging with pick-and-place caps available

Enables highly automated termination processing and accurate PCB placement



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Interior lighting
Window defrosters

Coin changers
Fire alarms / smoke detectors
Gaming equipment
Gaming systems
Home Security
Home appliances
Slot machines

Mainframe Computers
Multi-function scanners

Patient Monitor
Portable diagnostics


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