The flat cable guide wire core adopts soft structure to ensure the good flexibility of the cable. The insulation and protective layer material adopts butyl polymer to improve the flexibility, anti-corrosion and cold resistance of the cable. The color separation of insulated core provides convenience for laying and installation. At the same time, the coaxial cable can also be made into communication elevator flat cable.

What are the advantages of flat cable that make it the industry leader

Circular cable as the existence of cable, the scope of use is very large, it is a traditional cable, can complete the transmission between the electrical. However, with the development of China’s industry, circular cable can not meet its needs. At present, new flat cable has become a new favorite in industrial manufacturing

At present, China’s flat cable has been quite large-scale, industrial and technological. As a new backbone, what are the advantages of flat cable, which has laid a position in industrial manufacturing, making more and more industries unable to leave it?

First of all, the advantage of flat cable is that all cores can be evenly arranged and coexisted, to a certain extent, the layout is more reasonable and fine. At the same time, its orderly arrangement makes its own volume very small, and the occupied space is also small, which can solve the bending problem of the use environment. In the environment of frequent bending, the cable can be folded without kinking.

Secondly, it can meet the special requirements of industrial manufacturing. For example, in port transportation equipment, cables with strong load-bearing strength are needed. The driving cable has an excellent silicone protective insulation sleeve, which can resist the changes of bad weather, but also has certain softness. Strong steel wire can be added inside to increase its own strength, without the interference of current magnetic field.

Flat cable

Finally, the advantages of its overall characteristics are wear-resistant, cold resistant, heat-resistant and oil resistant. It can effectively carry out serial communication signal exchange. Whether it is outdoor or precision instruments, it can achieve the purpose of reducing costs and improving production efficiency. Based on the characteristics and advantages that the circular cable does not have, it is enough to make the flat cable become a necessity in the industrial manufacturing, and the flat cable in China has occupied an important development position in both export and domestic sales.

STC-Cable manufactures flat ribbon and IDC cable harness assemblies using PVC and Teflon wires. We work with small cable spacings, including 0.100” center, 0.250”, 0.500”, and 2 mm pitch. Our flat ribbon cable is available with solid gray or color-coded wires, and straight or twisted pairs.

All of our IDC flat ribbon cable harnesses are manufactured to our customers specifications. We can work from your existing designs, drawings, or concepts, or create a completely new design to meet your unique needs. Our design team will work with you, as needed, to optimize your designs for improved form, fit, and function, better performance, and better manufacturability.

In addition to adding flat ribbon connectors to our flat ribbon cables, we also have the capabilities to separate the ends of flat cables into individual wires, strip them, and crimp or solder the conductors to separate connectors. Few other harness manufacturers can offer this service, and it enables us to create truly custom flat ribbon cable harnesses.

All of our flat ribbon and IDC cable harnesses are 100% tested for shorts, opens, and continuity prior to shipping.

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