5.08mm Pitch Disk Drive Power Connectors And Cable

Molex Disk Drive Power Connector 5.08mm Pitch

STC5083 Series is STC’s Line of Reliable 5.08mm Pitch Wire-to-Wire Connectors Likened to the Molex Brand

STC offers STC5083 Series, a replacement and cheaper alternative of the Molex 8981 (5.08mm pitch) wire-to-wire connector. STC STC5083 comes in a complete package: The male housing, female/receptacle housing, female and male terminal, all manufactured with precision-fitting and durability ensuring accurate mating.

The Molex 8981 series is famed and often used for disk drive power applications such as hard disk, CD/DVD, Zip and other removable media drives. This connector is available in 2-4 positions, delivering 5.0A for AWG #16-24.

The components are designed to withstand high temperature of IR soldering process and vibrations with its housing made from high temperature material.



Molded dimple for ease of mating and orientation identification

With a molded dimple, STC can offer reliable mating of connections. The dimple will serve as a visible mating guidance for its ease of assembly, and will prevent connection misorientation.

Spring-Type Mounting Ears

An optional snap-in mounting ears enables the connector to be configured to panel-mounted, feed-through types of connections.

Reliable Polarization Feature and Easy Harness Assembly

The 5.08mm pitch wire connector also offers harness design options for design flexibility according to your needs, and features Easy Harness Assembly to reduce time and cost during installation.

Color-coded housings and terminals

With options for color coding, you can easily identify and manage the connections when color matching of housing and wires are done. This can significantly help for easy installation and easy cable management.

Most HVAC applications typically utilize similarly-configured wire-to-wire connectors. With color coding, incorrect connector insertion and mismating can be prevented.

Rugged consumer and medical application

This can be used to applications subject to shock, vibration or rough handling that can dislodge terminals and cause signal interference.

Friction and positive-lock options

Built with friction and positive lock options, this connector provides high-retention force for a reliable connection in rugged environments.

Reliable TPA Feature

The variety of Terminal Position Assurance (TPA) types, not only facilitates correct mating, but also gives the insurance that terminals are fully locked in the correct position.

High Current Carrying Capabilities

The support for high voltage and current (300V/15A) features a more robust build than blanked terminals.

Accept both male and female terminals

The housing will accept both male and female terminals, and are polarized to eliminate and prevent mismating.

Facilitates heat dissipation and low engagement force

The different wire-to-wire connector types are equipped with RMF solutions for lower friction solution between the contacts, making insertion and removal of the device easier, while eliminating the need for complex mechanisms.

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