Left or Right Angle VGA Cables

Left or Right Angle VGA Cables


  • 10 feet SVGA/VGA Monitor Cable with RGB Coax (HD15M to Right or Left-angle M)
  • Left or Right Angle connection at one end for tight spaces
  • Gold plated connectors and gold plated copper contacts ensure excellent conductivity.
  • Left or Right Angle HD15 male to Straight HD15 male molded connectors
  • Per standard VGA specifications, Pin 9 is left open. This is standard for all VGA cables and should not be considered a defect.

Product Detail

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Technical Specifications
Warranty Information
Part number                                                                 STC-FF026

Warranty                                                                      Lifetime

Connector Plating                                                         Nickel
Connector A                                                                  1 – VGA (15 pin, High Density D-Sub) Male

Connector B                                                                  1 – VGA (15 pin, High Density D-Sub) Male

Physical Characteristics
Connector Style                                                             Straight to Left or Right Angle
Product Weight                                                              0.5 lb [0.2 kg]
Packaging Information
Package Quantity                                                          1Shipping (Package)

Weight                                                                            0.5 lb [0.2 kg]

What’s in the Box

VGA SVGA Left or Right Angle VGA Cables


Left or Right Angle VGA Cables

Connects Your Computer to an SVGA/VGA Monitor at a Left or Right Angle

The STC-FF026 VGA Coax Right-Angle Monitor Cable (M/M) is ideal for digital signage, video presentations, point-of-sale displays, classrooms and other applications that use high-resolution video. Compatible with PCs and Macs equipped with a female SVGA or VGA port, it supports high-definition resolutions up to 2048 x 1536 for realistic, razor-sharp video.

Left or Right-Angle Connector and Premium Construction for Superior Signal Transfer

One end features a slim right-angle plug perfect for connecting in tight spaces, such as a computer pressed against a wall.

The 10-foot molded cable features premium foil and braid shielding, as well as mini-coax (RGB) and paired video wire construction, to deliver top-of-the-line signal quality and protection from EMI/RFI interference. Gold-plated HD15 male connectors with gold-plated copper contacts ensure excellent conductivity. Integral strain relief ensures the cable and connectors last a long time.

Lifetime Warranty and Environmentally Responsible Design

The STC-FF026 comes with a lifetime warranty. It’s manufactured in compliance with strict RoHS specifications, reflecting STC’s commitment to environmental responsibility.

Why Choose STC-Cable?

Founded in 2012 in Shenzhen, Guangdong, STC is a leading manufacturer of products to power, protect, manage, house, cool, connect and mount your equipment. With a large selection of connectivity products, STC has everything from USB hubs and reversible USB cables to fiber-optic cables and over Cat5e/Cat6 signal extenders. Whether you need to connect high-speed networks to switches, routers and servers in your data center, or send high-resolution video signals to displays and digital signs, STC has the complete solution. Plus, before and after your purchase, our Chicago-based, in-house technical support specialists are available to assist you by phone, email and live chat. With over 8 years of quality products and service, STC is a brand you can trust.


Customer Feedback


“The quality of this cable assembly is excellent and the ferrite filters simply add confidence to my decision to purchase this cable. The possibility of interference in and around cables is always present and having a filter on each end helps to optimize the performance of these cables. I bought several so I could connect sever computers to my monitor through a multi-position switch and everything works great! I am sure the gold plated pins likewise add to this cables great performance. The right-angle connector allowed me to route the cable through smaller holes in my desk. I am very happy with this product.”


“I teach 1st and 2nd grade and with standard VGA cables sticking out of the wall, it’s not a matter of IF, but WHEN one of the kids will walk too close and snap the wall connection, disabling my projector for who knows how long. With this, the cable is not sticking out and you would have to purposely go out of your way to hit it hard enough to snap. Works great.”


“The device is very good for space saving especially on a Laptops VGA port(s) and even more so for presentations and traveling locally/abroad, to save wear and tear on the Laptops VGA port , the VGA cable going to this cable and even more so if you get a VGA female to female coupler, and the Laptops screen & screen hinges witch can be pricy. The device is gold plated witch is the best metal to use for electronic signals and prolong the life of your Laptops screen, and works great to for example watch a movie without having to be in front of, carry over to you if you have wireless keyboard & mouse, or turn to match a movie if you connect this device to a monitor facing a different direction or in a different area of the room.”


“I needed this to hook old emachines to new flat screen tv which had pc plug on back. It was the correct pin number and long enough to reach . It works great.”


“I bought this for one purpose – to connect a laptop to a larger screen LCD. I have used it to connect 3 different laptops to 2 different LCD HDTV’s. The cable appears to work fine for this connection. The right angle plug makes the cable fit flusher to the TV’s. The 10ft cord is enough to have the laptop nearby or ouy of the way. I haven’t used any other VGA cables for this purpose so I can’t say if this cable works better, same, or worse than another cable but I am satisfied with it.”


“If you remove (temporarily), the thumb screws from the right angle end, the connector will fit through spaces that a normal VGA end will not. I used this cable to run the VGA signal to my TV that is hanging on an articulated arm that has a space about two inches in diameter to run cables through. I now have this cable, the power cord, one RG6 cable, all of the Wii (original, not U) cables, and four right angle HDMI cables all neatly routed through the bracket.”


“My older strait cables were always in the way on the desk interfering with papers I need right next to my laptop. This right angle plugs on the left side of my laptop and runs strait to the back neatly and out of the way. Also got right angle audio extension cable which does now exactly the same job so both cables attached on the left of the laptop run near the body of the machine and out to the back. Perfect setting.”


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