DuPont 2.54mm Jumper wire

DuPont 2.54mm Jumper wire


  • Cable Length & Termination customized
  • Pitch: 2.54mm 
  • pins: 1 to 40 2*1 to 2*40 positions
  • Material: PA66 (PA66) UL94V-2
  • Contact: Phosphor Bronze
  • Finish: Tin 50u” over 100u” nickel
  • Current rating: 3A (AWG #22 to #28)
  • Voltage rating: 250V AC,DC

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Technical Specifications
Series:                                                                          STC-002543001 Series

Contact Pitch:                                                               2.54mm

No. of Contacts:                                                           1 to 40 2*1 to 2*40 positions

Current:                                                                        3A (AWG #22 to #28)

Compatible:                                                                  Cross Dupont Connector Series

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General Specification
Current Rating:                                                              3A

Voltage Rating:                                                              250V

Temperature Range:                                                      -20°C~+85°C

Contact Resistance:                                                      20m Omega Max

Insulation Resistance:                                                   1000M Omega Min

Withstanding Voltage:                                                   1000V AC/minute


Pitch 2.50mm Dupont type wire to board connector wire harness


Provide The Solid Connection You Need

Power Of Harness Jumper Cable Creation At Your Finger Tips

This DuPont Connectors Kit is like the duct tape of electronics that allow you to connect your electronics components together. Just select your choice of crimping tools and jumper wires (22-28 AWG), with some practice, you can make any customized wire harnesses for your Arduino, Raspberry Pi, and many other electronics prototype projects.

Features Highlights:

  1. Wide Selection Of Parts (Various Single and Dual Row DuPont Female Housing)
  2. Repair Any Broken Harnesses and Jumper Wires.
  3. All Female Housing Made From High Durable Plastic.
  4. Compatible With Most Electronics Breadboards and Male/Female Headers With 2.5mm Spacing.
  5. Make Customized Cables You Always Need.
  6. Storage Case To Keep Parts Organized.
  7. Make Harnesses With Pre-Crimped Jumper Wires Without Soldering.



Material: copper-clad aluminum, PVC

Each cable length: cable length & Termination customized.

The male ends meant for insertion into standard 0.1"(2.54mm) female sockets and the female ends are meant for insertion into standard 0.1"(2.54mm) male headers.

The cables can be separated into single root as you request to do multiple connection



We use qualified copper tinned & PVC insulation to manufacture these high-quality cables. It provides a simple, quick and cost-effective solution to mass termination. They also have space and weight saving advantages over other wiring methods and are ideal for use on computers, peripherals, and interface units, audio and digital equipment..

Professional and in-time service

We have professional engineering supporting team, pls. reach us if you need any help and we'll do our best to give you a great experience with our products and service. Your any comment will be highly regarded.



Widely used in electronic projects for connections .

It can be used for the expansion of the experimental board pin and increase experimental projects.

You can quickly conduct circuit testing without welding.

It can be reused if the terminal is not damaged.


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