Dual XLR 3pin to RJ45 Female Adapter Cable

Dual XLR 3pin to RJ45 Female Adapter Cable


  • Connector A: 1*RJ45 Female 
  • Connector B: 1*XLR 3pin Female and Male
  • Connector C: 2*XLR 3pin Female
  • Connector D: 2*XLR 3pin Male
  • The flexible rubber sheath is made of environmentally friendly materials to improve the quality of signal transmission.
  • RJ45 female to Dual XLR male female cable can maximize signal transmission, reduce distortion and signal loss.
  • The plug can be plugged and unplugged many times without damage, plug and play, long service life.
  • RJ45 to dual XLR cable is small in size, light in weight, and easy to carry, providing users with a good experience.

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Technical Specifications
Warranty Information
Part number                                                         STC-AAA032-FF

Part number                                                         STC-AAA032-MF

Part number                                                         STC-AAA032-MM

Warranty                                                              3-years

Cable Jacket Type                                               PVC - Polyvinyl Chloride

Cable Shield Type                                               Aluminum-Mylar Foil 

Connector Plating                                                Gold/Ni

Number of Conductors                                        2C+S

Connector A                                                        1 - RJ45-8Pin female

Connector B                                                        1 - XLR-3Pin female and male

Connector C                                                        2 - XLR-3Pin female

Connector D                                                        2 - XLR-3Pin male

Physical Characteristics
Cable Length                                                       0.25m

Color                                                                    Black

Connector Style                                                   Straight 

Wire Gauge                                                          24 AWG

Packaging Information
Package Quantity                                                 Shipping (Package)
What's in the Box

Dual XLR 3pin female to RJ45 Female Adapter Cable, 9.8 inch RJ45 to XLR Male and XLR Female Cable, dual XLR male to RJ45 female Network Connector Extension Cable for Stage, Recording Studio.


RJ45 female to XLR Male and XLR Female Cable, Dual XLR 3Pin Male to RJ45 Female Adapter Cable, RJ45 Female to Dual DMX XLR 3Pin Female Extension Cable Use Cat5 Ethernet for DMX-CON Controller Series.


1>The RJ45 to Dual XLR 3 Pin adapter extension cable makes it possible to use any CAT-5 Ethernet cable as a DMX512 cable, which can extend and the signal transmission .It is convert a XLR connector to a RJ45 connector for your LED Light signal controller.


2>The XLR 3 Pin to RJ45 adapter extension cable is connect the CAT-5 Ethernet cable as a DMX512 cable, which can extend and transfer the signal transmission plug conversion.


3>3 Pin XLR male / Female to RJ45 Adapter Extension Cable, flexible PVC jacket, nickel-plated connectors provide reliable contact, which can provide stable transmission and high-purity audio signals. The cable offers you great sound quality.


4>Twist lock with a latching: At the ends of the cable, there is one self-locking design on XRL Female connectors. This design is to prevent the connection from being unstable due to touch with the plug.


5>This Adaptor converts DMX XLR 3 Pin to RJ45, It is an adapter to convert an XLR connector to an RJ45 connector for your LED Light signal controller. Universal RJ45 Female Connector for Ethernet Cable, for DMX-CON Controller Series for LED RGB Strips.


6>This RJ45 to XLR cable shield with environmentally PVC jacket with good tenacity and elasticity, it is very easy to clean and maintain. And strict plug-and-pull tests of cable connectors give a longer working life than general cable.


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