Dual ATX 8 Pin Female to 6+8 pin Male 180 Degree Angled Power Adapter

Dual ATX 8 Pin Female to 6+8 pin Male 180 Degree Angled Power Adapter


  • Connector A: 2*ATX 8 Pin Female
  • Connector B: 1*ATX 8+6 Pin Male
  • Providing a convenient solution for changing the installing direction of PCIe cables with the PCIe mini low-profile connector adapters.
  • This adapter is standard PCIe connector, so it will work with all graphics cards such as: ASUS, ASRock, EVGA ,Gigabyte, Radeon, Sapphire, NVIDIA Tesla, etc.
  • Dimension(L*W*H):76*34*16mm(3*1.34*0.63in), Gauge: premium high-performance black PCB with EVA pad.
  • This adapter was only designed for graphics card (GPU), it doesn’t work with motherboard or CPU. The A type works with the PCB board having gap, the B type works with the PCB board without gap.(Please refer to the image 4th for details about how to choose A or B type.)

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Technical Specifications
Warranty Information
Part number                                                         STC-RR013-A

Part number                                                         STC-RR013-B

Warranty                                                              3-years

Cable Jacket Type                                               NON

Cable Shield Type                                               NON

Connector Plating                                                Nickel-plated

Number of Conductors                                        NON

Connector A                                                        2 -  ATX 8 Pin female

Connector B                                                        1 -  ATX 8+6 Pin male

Physical Characteristics
Adapter Length                                                    NON

Color                                                                    Black

Connector Style                                                   180 Degree 

Wire Gauge                                                          NON

Packaging Information
Package Quantity                                                 Shipping (Package)
What's in the Box

Dual ATX 8Pin Female to 6+8pin Male 180 Degree Right Angled Power Adapter for NVIDIA 3080 3090 Graphics Card GPU.



GPU VGA Dual 8 Pin PCI-E Male to 8 pin 6 pin PCI-E Female 180 Degree Angle Connector Power Adapter Board for Desktop Graphics Card.


1> This adapter is specially designed for changing the installation direction of ATX8PIN+8PIN cables, Suitable for desktops graphics card GPU


2> ATX 8Pin 180 degree graphics adapter, Connect the power cable to the GPU interface, it will not put pressure on the GPU interface, and it can be used stably for a long time (Note that the interface is divided into upper and lower directions, please check the connector interface type on your GPU before purchasing.)


3> Can install the 8PIN+8PIN power cable from vertical to horizontal direction with this adapter which will solve the GPU installation for the limited height chassis, Ensure the cabling safety in the chassis.


4> Suitable for DIY host: Use this U-shaped adapter to organize and hide your graphics card cables, making the DIY host more beautiful The adapter is compatible with all graphics cards, such as: ASUS, ASRock, EVGA, Gigabyte, Radeon, Sapphire, NVIDIA, etc.; please pay attention to the connector orientation before purchasing.


5> Note:

This adapter is designed for graphics cards (GPU) only, not for motherboards or CPU. ATX 8pin adapter standard version is suitable for PCB board with clearance, reverse version is suitable for PCB board without clearance.




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