USB Active Repeater Extension Cable

USB Active Repeater Extension Cable


  • Cable Extension Cord: With USB Type A Male and Female ports, This long Extension cord will connect remote external USB devices such as camera,webcam ,printer, speaker, scanner, monitor, keyboards, hard drives, USB hubs, mice, Wifi receiver, TV etc to your computer. Important Note: This extension cable connectors cannot be used for charging devices.
  • High Speed Data Transfer: USB 2.0 thin extension cable support fast data speed of 480 Mbps. This flexible USB cable is active up to 100 foot, allow full-speed connections with fast transmission( while standard passive USB extension cable connections can cause significant data loss over distances of more than 5 meters)
  • Signal Booster: Built in low-power signal booster chipset, 1 booster every 10 meters to ensure the best singal transmission, and no heat after long working. Plug and Play, no nee to download software driver.

Product Detail

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Technical Specifications
Warranty Information
Part number                                                                  STC-C062

Warranty                                                                        3-Years

Cable Jacket Type                                                        PVC – Polyvinyl Chloride

Cable Shield Type                                                        Aluminum-Mylar Foil with Braid

Connector Plating                                                         Nickel

Number of Conductors                                                  4

Type and Rate                                                              USB 2.0 – 480 Mbit/s
Connector A                                                                 1 – USB Type-A (4 pin) USB 2.0 Male

Connector B                                                                 1 – USB Type-A (4 pin) USB 2.0 Female

Physical Characteristics
Cable Length                                                                15/30/50/60/75/100ft
Color                                                                             Black

Connector Style                                                            Straight

Wire Gauge                                                                  24/28 AWG

Packaging Information
Package Quantity                                                         1Shipping (Package)
What’s in the Box

USB Active Pepeater Extension Cable


USB Extension Cable

  • 【USB Active Extender】: USB 2.0 active extension cable offers an easy and inexpensive way to extends your USB connection to the computer, for use with wireless network adapter, 3G network adapter, Wifi receiver, printer, scanner, camera, USB display adapter, mouse, keyboard, USB flash drive and other USB computer peripherals. Important Note: This extension cable cannot be used for charging devices.


  • 【Fast Data Transfer】: This USB repeater cable supports high speed USB 2.0 data transfer rate up to 480 Mbps. Built in FE1.1s low-power signal booster chipset, which assures peak performance with minimum loss of signal quality and not hot after long working hours.


  • 【Super Performance】: Thick tin-plated 2824AWG copper core decreases the transfer impedance and ensures the stutter-free signal transfer. The triple-shielded (foil/braid/ground) provides the maximum resistance from EMI/RFI and superior signal quality. The four-core structure ensures the different signal won’t interfere with each other.


  • 【Compatible】:This cable does not have an adapter and can only be used in USB devices with low currents such as fax machines , printers , scanners , U disk , card reader ,mouse and keyboard ,touch screen,etc.The camera cannot be connected with this 60′ or 100′ non-led cable because the current is not enough.Can not use on DVR.The DVR can not recognize the chip of this cable.


  • 【FLEXIBLE&DURABLE】: With metal wire braid inside, the cable is flexible and resistant to pull and drag. The gold-plated connectors can bear more than 10000 times plug. The ABS and PVC case is anti-abrasive. UNIVERSAL COMPATIBILITY: The USB active extender is broadly compatible with Windows, Mac, Linux, Chromebook, and USB 2.0 peripherals including hard drives, USB hubs, mice, keyboards, flash drives, printers, and more.


Customer questions & answers

Question: How far from the end of the cable is the plastic module containing the signal booster? (It’s near the remote/female end, not the computer end, right?)

Answer: It’s near the remote/female end 15ft

Question: can I use this to transfer data from one desktop to another desktop?

Answer: yes, for sure.

Question: Is this suitable for power for a usb powered security camera? I’m actually looking for super long male usb to male wallsocket.

Answer: If your camera is being powered by a wall power adapter that provides more than 500ma (Milli amps) then it will definitely not work since at best USB can provide 500ma.


Customer Feedback

1>”This cable fit a real need I had. Due to the firewall in my garage, and I mean a wall to prevent fire, I get zero Wi-Fi signal in there. I’ve tried a dozen different antennas and none of them give a much better signal. Sometimes it will seem like it might be better, but then the latency is enough to kill you. Granted, it’s. It like I need a low ping in there, I’m Not gaming, but I am streaming. A good connection is really crucial.
I had a strike of genius, to use a known good USB based Wi-Fi card, with this cable. I was able to mount the device by a vent in the rafters, and run it to my laptop.
Now I have. A top notch signal, and the freedom to use it anywhere in the garage.
The cable is really top notch. It is well jacketed, and the ends are very sturdy. It has boosters built in to make sure everything works right and the signal transmits properly. I bought a second one to use with my back yard theater. It allows me to control my mini PC connected to the projector from the other side of the yard where I am seated.
The jacks are well made, and seat very firmly.
Very happy with these canles”

2>”This is an extra long cable!! I am using it with my wyze cam 2.0 connected and it worked great. This connection needed to be 60 feet and tried 5 volts on phone wire but this cable ensures a safe connection.
The repeaters are separated every 30 meters and not on the end. I was considering another cable but the last repeater made the female end very large. This cable places the last and third repeater about 6 inches before the female port.”

3>”The usb 2.0 extender cable is extremely flexible and resistant to pull and drag- broadly compatible with windows, max Linux, and chrome book systems. Has type A male and female ports. Will connect remote external USB devices like a camera, webcam, printer speaker scanner and so much more. It cannot be used to charge devices though. It’s a thin cord but supports data speed of 480 Mbps. And is active up to 100 ft. Has a built in 3 low power signal booster chip set , 1 booster every 10 meters. Literally as easy as plug and play. No downloads needed.”

4>”I am very happy that this cable worked for me with my application of using our wireless mouse for our DVR security video system in another room. We have the DVR in a closet and this cable allowed for us to use the mouse for the Amcrest DVR in our kitchen by being able to extend it the 16 feet to that location. The red light doesn’t light up in our application but in sure it would from a computer. If you are thinking of extending a wired or wireless mouse look no further and get this cable. It worked. I had to take back the USB extension cable because it did not work but this cable did.”


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