SATA 15 Pin Male to 2 IDE 4 Pin Female Power Extension Cable

SATA 15 Pin Male to 2 IDE 4 Pin Female Power Extension Cable


  • Add more Molex connections by using unused SATA power connections.
  • Quality Construction, built with exacting standards.
  • Quality Construction, built with exacting standards.
  • Connector A: 15Pin SATA Male Plug
  • Connector B/C: IDE 4P Female Plug
  • Suitable for 3.5 Inches SATA Hard Disk and 3.5 Inches SATA CD-ROM; DVD-ROM; DVD-R/W; CD-R/W and so on.

Product Detail

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Technical Specifications
Warranty Information
Part number                                                                STC-AA053

Warranty                                                                     Lifetime

Cable Jacket Type                                                      PVC - Polyvinyl Chloride
 Wire Gauge                                                               18AWG
Connector A                                                                1 - SATA Power (15 pin Male) Plug

Connector B                                                                2 - MOLEX Power (4 pin Female) Plug

Physical Characteristics
Cable Length                                                               6 inch or customize

Color                                                                            Black/Yellow/Red

Connector Style                                                           Straight to Straight

Product Weight                                                            0 lb [0 kg]

Packaging Information
Package Quantity                                                        1Shipping (Package)

Weight                                                                          0 lb [0 kg]

What's in the Box

SATA 15-Pin Male to Dual 4-Pin Molex Female Y Splitter for HDD SSD CD-ROM PCIE


SATA 15-Pin Male to Dual 4 Pin Molex Lp4 Female IDE Hard Drive Power Y-Adapter Converter Cable 

The  SATA 15 Pin Male to 2 IDE 4P Female Power Extension Cable Suitable for 3.5 Inches SATA Hard Disk and 3.5 Inches SATA CD-ROM; DVD-ROM; DVD-R/W; CD-R/W and so on.

Brand: SATA 15-Pin Power Extension Line
Material: Pure copper, high grade plastic
Connector A: 15Pin SATA Male Plug
Connector B/C: IDE 4P Female Plug

Advantage: SATA is the fast New standard in computer bus technology.
Purpose: Easily add this cable adapter to your computer connectors and be able to provide power for SATA drives.
Applications: Suitable for 3.5 Inches SATA Hard Disk and 3.5 Inches SATA CD-ROM; DVD-ROM; DVD-R/W; CD-R/W and so on.


Customer questions & answers

QUESTION: I have an LED strip with a 4pin male connector, could I plug that into the molex end and the other to sata to power the led?

ANSWER: Is the connector on the LED strip molex 4 pin? If it is, then yes it will work.


QUESTION:Just to make sure, but this converts from sata power to 4 pin molex, correct?

ANSWER: I'm not sure about the question. I can tell you it works for me: I needed to plug a video card MSI Radeon Frozen III 3gigs in video ram to a normal pc that has the skinny connectors. It did the job.


QUESTION: I have a Hue+ and NZXT USB extension that both use molex power, will this work to connect both of those to sata power instead of using a molex cable?

ANSWER: Yes! That is, if I understand your question. OK! Checked out Hue+. This will work perfectly for what you need. As a side-note; that Hue looks sweet. I may have to get one for my next build.


QUESTION: would this work for led lights?

ANSWER: If the leds have the right connector and have the right resistors (which I assume they would have if they had a molex connector).



"I had a legacy molex internal usb header that converts one mobo usb 2 header to three. It requied a molex connector. My case is really tight and I didn't want to install the molex cable into my modular PSU for one connector. I used this to connect into one unused SATA connector and it worked perfect without the mess of an 18" 4 molex nylon sleeved cable."


"This cable connects/fits well to the appropriate connectors. It was purchased specifically to use with a dual PSU adapter board and external PSU on a Dell OptiPlex 9020. The old pc had no Molex connectors to connect to the adapter board. Works well. You can see the cable at the right side of the pc case plugged into an existing SATA connector within the pc and then connected to the Molex connector on the dual PSU board."


"I used this in combination with a SATA power splitter to provide power to a USB 3.0 card in a client's Optiplex 360 mini-tower. The Dell Optiplex 360 does not have ANY spare power connectors if 2 optical drives and 2 hard drives are installed. I didn't see any 4 pin power connectors. To get access to a SATA power connector I used a STC 6-Inch Sata Power Y Splitter to split the power off one of the optical drives and it worked perfectly too!


Male SATA power connector was an appropriately snug fit. The 4 pin Molex connectors plugged in securely. That USB 3.0 card does not work at all without the additional power. Since it worked perfectly this cable was a complete success.


The connectors are well made. The SATA connector is molded and solid. The 4 pin molex connectors look well made and I've seen others that were quite rough by comparison.


As this is apparently well made and works perfectly, so 5 stars for the Manhatan splitter/adapter."


"Works as expected, arrived on time, one of the thin plastic sides on one of the connectors was broken at some point in time during its lifetime, I could not find the broken piece in the shipping container or in my work area but who knows. Either way still works. I dropped a star because no matter how it broke it shouldn't. I still recommend it. Works fine."


"Excellent little cable. I have a modular PSU and lected not to put the molex cables as to save space and make it look tidier.

I also bought an LED strip which only has a molex connector and got this cable adaper. Worked like a charm and no issues.

Cables look a tad thin but do the job quite nicely and no issues whatsover in durability so far.

Highly reccomended"


"my sata connector was kinda bent, and crappy looking but hey, it fit just fine and worked... no real complaints here. 2 day shipping for under five bucks for something so obscure. Just had to knock a star off for the bent plug!"


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