HDMI 30ft Cable Cord With Ethernet

HDMI 30ft Cable Cord With Ethernet


  • HDMI A Male to A Male Cable: Supports Ethernet, 3D, 4K video and Audio Return Channel (ARC)
  • Connects Blu-ray players, Fire TV, Apple TV, PS4, PS3, XBox one, Xbox 360, computers and other HDMI-enabled devices to TVs, displays, A/V receivers and more
  • Dolby True HD and DTS-HD Master Audio bitstream capable
  • Gold-plated connectors for highest signal transfer rate and resistance in corrosion.
  • Meets the latest HDMI standards (4K Video at 60 Hz, 2160p, 48 bit/px color depth) that supports bandwidth up to 18Gbps and backwards compatible with earlier versions

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Technical Specifications
Warranty Information
Part number                                                                  STC-DD066

Warranty                                                                       2-years

Cable Jacket Type                                                        PVC - Polyvinyl Chloride

Cable Shield Type                                                         Aluminum-Mylar Foil with Braid

Connector Plating                                                         Gold

Maximum Digital Resolutions                                       4k*2k
Connector A                                                                  1 - HDMI (19 pin) Male

Connector B                                                                  1 - HDMI (19 pin) Male

Physical Characteristics
Cable Length                                                                30 ft or Customize
Color                                                                             Black

Connector Style                                                           Straight

Product Weight                                                            4.2 oz [118 g]

Wire Gauge                                                                  26 AWG

Packaging Information
Package Quantity                                                        1Shipping (Package)

Weight                                                                          4.4 oz [125 g]

What's in the Box

HDMI 30ft Cable Cord With Ethernet


HDMI Cable Cord

Product Description

This Link Depot HDMI Cable connects easily to your HDMI TV, LCD projector, DVD player, or set-top box. This cable features gold-plated connectors for a long, corrosion-free life. Its generous 25-foot length gives you the freedom to place components right where you need them.

Place Components Where You Need Them

This HDMI male to HDMI male cable gives you a 30 foot connection, plenty of lenth to place your components exactly where they need to be, and still get a solid connection.

5 Gbps Transfer Rate

This cable provides the necessary bandwidth for broadcast-quality digital video, digital audio, and intercomponent control signals all in one compact, high-performance connection. Uncompressed audio/video signals are supported, and the cable is fully HDCP compliant, for the highest level of signal quality.

Perfect for both high-definition video and standard video formats, with support for stereo and multi-channel sound.

Quality Construction

This cable is shielded, for maximum protection from RFI and EMI interference. It also features gold-plated connectors, which resist corrosion for a longer life.

What's in the Box

Link Depot HDMI to HDMI Cable (30 feet)


Cusotmer Feedback


"I recently had to replace my A/V receiver with a new unit that has HDMI switching. I have purchased several HDMI cables and am now using an all-HDMI video set-up. I have one self-proclaimed 'high-end' cable. I have several of these sensibly priced cables. I cannot see any difference between these and the more expensive cable. After several months of use there are no problems. No audio issues, video noise or flashing pixels, etc. It didn't break or fly apart. One reviewer even said "it plain just doesn't work." How long could cables that don't work be sold? These cables are, and have been, working exactly as intended. And at a reasonable price."


"These are the cheap cables. If you want less chance of getting a bad cable, or one you can run over with your chair a few times more, get amazon basics brand, they have slightly thicker rubber. HDMI is digital which means it works or doesn't. If a cheap cable works, it works as well as an expensive one. Look at the ratings: this has a pretty good rating which means that a high percentage of their cables work. Mine works. I'm happy. I decided to go with the cheaper cable this time because it just runs along the floor and is used to hook up any of my laptops to the TV. Works great."


"Others have said an HDMI cable either works or it doesn't, and this one worked for me! The truth of it, is a better cable may provide flawless transmission which means 100% of the data is sent correctly instead of 99.99% of it, but a slight errors are fixed by your equipment (HDMI corrects for missing data by making a bad pixel be the same as the surrounding pixels). But even if it didn't do that, you wouldn't notice one bad pixel for a fraction of a second anyway. The connectors seem fine, but I only plugged and unplugged them a few times while I was getting things setup. The order came quickly and the cables even had plastic coverings on the end of them, which saved the step of having to wrap something around them as I pulled one end through my ceiling. Don't worry about this cable, it works great. And if you get a dud, Amazon will take it back and you can get a replacement. No worries."


"It seems I've been lucky, since all may reviews are 5 stars, so far. In any case I try to be as accurate and unbiased as I can in my comments. This one is very simple, it's just a cable. I have NetFlix but did not want to spend hundreds of dollars in sophisticated wireless equipment or an internet capable TV. I have a computer and a TV set in my bedroom. They are some 10 ft away from each other and both have HDMI connectors. So all that I needed was a cable 20 ft+ long running through a path following the baseboards to connect both. I found this 25ft at Amazon for $7.79 and decided to try it. When I received it I immediately noticed how thick, heavy and well built it was. I hooked it up did a quick configuration in the computer to add the TV as a second monitor and now I have perfect picture on the TV and I am happy watching movies from the internet. It is a known issue that the longer the cable the greater is signal degradation, but I really did not notice any loss in image quality. Maybe a very demanding viewer using cutting edge components could notice something, but I cannot tell. For the regular user with main stream equipment it worked great. So, if you need a long HDMI cable, for whatever reason, that is definitely one to consider."


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