Dupont 2.0mm Pitch Connectors Jumper Wire cables

Dupont 2.0mm Pitch Connectors Jumper Wire cables


  • Cable Length & Termination customized
  • Pitch: 2.00mm
  • pins: 2 to 25 2*2 to 2*25 positions
  • Material: Nylon UL 94V0 (Lead Free)
  • Contact: Phosphor Bronze
  • Finish: Plated Tin or Gold Flash Lead over Nickel
  • Current rating: 2A (AWG #24 to #30)
  • Voltage rating: 250V AC,DC

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Technical Specifications
Series:                                                                          STC-002015001 Series

Contact Pitch:                                                               2.00mm

No. of Contacts:                                                            2 to 25 2*2 to 2*25 positions

Current:                                                                        2A (AWG #24 to #30)

Compatible:                                                                  Cross Molex 51110 Connector Series

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General Specification
Current Rating:                                                              2A

Voltage Rating:                                                              250V

Temperature Range:                                                      -20°C~+85°C

Contact Resistance:                                                      20m Omega Max

Insulation Resistance:                                                   1000M Omega Min

Withstanding Voltage:                                                   1000V AC/minute


Pitch 2.00mm Dupont type wire to board connector wire harness

1. Peak temperature : 250℃ max.

2. Heating area : 230℃ min. for less than 60 seconds

3. Preheating area : 170℃ to 190℃ for 60 to 120 seconds

4. Number of times : no more than 2 times * Measurement is conducted at the contact lead part Soldering results may change depending on conditions such as solder paste type, manufacturer, PCB size, and other soldering materials. Please determine all mounting conditions before



Dupont is also called Jumper Wire cables. They are low cost and used to connect hardware such as sensors, Arduino boards and breadboards together. The connectors are available in male and female with a 2.54mm (100mill) pitch.




2>Solid connection.

3>Custom cable length.

4>Custom cable color.

5>Easy to connect / disconnect hardware.

6>Any combination of male / female connectors.



1>Connect sensors to your Arduino board.

2>Connect a breadboard to your Arduino board.

3>Connect other hardware PCB's together.

4>Wire hardware in a final product.



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