Braided cable sleeve

Braided cable sleeve


  • High-quality flexible rugged and routable modular 18AWG multi-color PSU cable extensions with vivid braided cables for refined professional builds.
  • 2x dual 6+2-pin GPU power cables bundled in one package. Suitable for both single 6-pin or 8-pin GPU configurations. Also includes 24-pin motherboard power and 4+4 CPU power cables.
  • Mod your build with 6 unique color options in 30cm and 50cm variations.
  • All cables are manufactured with thick 16AWG wires and come in a high-density flexible protective sleeve allowing for a stiff yet adaptable temperament. Comes with several cable combs to cleanly route and organize.

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Technical Specifications
Warranty Information
Part number                                                                   STC-RR006Warranty                                                                         3 years
Physical Characteristics
Cable Length                                                                  11.8in [300 mm] or 19.68in [500 mm]
What's in the Box

1 *24 Pin ATX Extension Cable

1*(4+4)Pin EPS Cable

2*8 Pin PCI-e Cable

2*6 Pin PCI-e Cable

Cable Combs


Power Supply Cable Extension Kit with Extra-Sleeved

Stiff and Rigid Wires: 

Premium PET sleeve material made these wires stiff, rigid and yet flexible, as a result has a wider curve radius than those soft and flimsy wires. It is recommended that bending the wire to the curve that is needed before installing. These sleeved cables might be challenging to work with at first but once you have them in shape, they tend not to sag or interfere with any other components.

Extra Thick Wires : 

With Triple Layer Weaving design, these cables are heavy and thick. Extra thick wires can reduce gaps between each individual wires thus bring you that fresh and neat look. Additional to the professional look, the specification of our TLW design is based on Brown & Sharpe, which guaranteed top-notch current transmission. 

Heatshrink-less Connector: 

Each individual cable is very well done and no shrink wrapping on the sleeves. Invisible heatshrinks will offer fresh and clean system appearance for your build. The connections between the cables and the board are very tight. No worries for cables and pins coming loose and fall out of place.

Sturdy Cable Combs: 

Enclosed set of 24 well-rounded combs for enthusiasts to easy out cable management process. It is suggested to first attach the clips on the cables, before connecting and routing. These cable combs are sturdy yet pliable in case of needs to change, alter components or re-route.

Packaging and Shipping:

Nicely and carefully packaged into a specific designed box (14.9in * 2.36in * 1.77in) to make sure that cables are perfectly straight and not curled. 


Tidy and Clean Cable Management- STC-Cable Power Supply Extension Cable

1> Compatible with ATX form factor Power Supplies (Extensions Connect into factory PSU cables)

2> Extend your Power: Each Extension cables comes in 300mm in length with black connectors on both ends

3> Triple-Layered Protection: protect your power delivery with properly insulated cable sleeving, insulating and certified 16 AWG cable wire

4> Heat-Shrink-Less Design: Each cable is proper sleeved and secured without the need for heatshrink material

Customize your system build with the STC-Cable Sleeve Cable-Get your case looking nice and clean

Made with 16AWG wire for better heat resistance

The 16AWG wires and high-density braiding provide a balance between pliability and stiffness for the perfect cable routing solution.

Make your system looks fantastic

These cable extensions will allow you a comfortable amount of sleeved cabling so you can have the professional looking build you’ve always wanted.


Non-Heat Shrink Design

The non-heat shrink design ensures high durability and cable aesthetics.

Come with cable combs

Cable combs with rounded edges provide a professional look and easy installation also can prevent damage to the cables.



Question: I have a setup that requires dual eps (4+4) connectors. Is there a way i can make it work with this kit, or can an extra cable be provided?

Answer: I think you can use the 8 pin pcie cable for your other 4+4 but I'm not 100% sure about the keying on the socket. Some cables are key'd a certain way so that you can't plug them into the wrong place. But honestly in my experience if it fits it sits


Question: My stock power supply cables for the motherboard is a 20+4 pin config, can I just put them together and it will still work? 

Answer: Yep. That's how my configuration is and it's working fine.


Question: My 24 pin would not fit into this exstensions. every other cable fit fine. i have a 850 watt g3 evga psu 

Answer: This plug is meant to fit into a 24pin motherboard. If it fit into a standard motherboard, then it should fit 


Question: Will this plug directly into a modular G3 psu?

Answer: No. These are extensions, meaning you plug your current cables into these.


Question: Does it support seasonic power supply? 

Answer: Sorry. These are extension cables. There are to be added to extend current power cables that come with your PSU regardless their brands. Thanks.


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