90 Degree Right Angled HDD SSD Power Cable

90 Degree Right Angled HDD SSD Power Cable


  • SATA 15-Pin Power Extension Cable, Power Cable Adapter 20CM
  • Connector A: IDE 4P Female Plug/Molex 4pin male
  • Connector B: SATA 15 Pin Female Plug Right Angle
  • Suitable for 3.5 Inches SATA Hard Disk and 3.5 Inches SATA CD-ROM; DVD-ROM; DVD-R/W; CD-R/W and so on.

Product Detail

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Technical Specifications
Warranty Information
Part number                                                                STC-AA049

Warranty                                                                     Lifetime

Cable Jacket Type                                                      PVC - Polyvinyl Chloride
 Wire Gauge                                                               18AWG
Connector A                                                                1 - SATA Power (15 pin Male) Plug

Connector B                                                                1 - Molex Power (4 pin Male) Plug

Physical Characteristics
Cable Length                                                               20cm or customize

Color                                                                            Black/Yellow/Red

Connector Style                                                           Straight to Right

Product Weight                                                            0 lb [0 kg]

Packaging Information
Package Quantity                                                        1Shipping (Package)

Weight                                                                          0 lb [0 kg]

What's in the Box

90 Degree Right angled HDD SSD Power cable


SATA Right Power cable for HDD SSD CD-ROM

The  Right SATA Power cable  Easily add this cable adapter to your computer connectors and be able to provide power for SATA drives.Suitable for 3.5 Inches SATA Hard Disk and 3.5 Inches SATA CD-ROM; DVD-ROM; DVD-R/W; CD-R/W and so on.

Good compatibility

Can provide Multi-voltage compatible with 5V and 12V between the SATA drive and the power connector.

  • Yellow line—12V / 2A
  • Red line—5V / 2A
  • Black wire—GND

Wildly used

SATA Power Provider Cable 

  • SSD
  • Optical drives
  • DVD burners
  • PCI cards

Customer questions & answers

QUESTION: Is this sata power cable all copper?

ANSWER: Yes, all copper


QUESTION: Why does it look different from my port on the motherboard

ANSWER: This cable has nothing to do with the motherboard. This cable is designed to split the SATA power output of a PC power supply to two normal SATA devices installed in your computer.



"After replacing the power supply the Sata connectors are straight.
I need 90 degree for the hard drives.
This 90 degree adapter works great.
My only problem is that it should have been covered with some king of wrap.
It works as it should and solid connection"


"I ordered a new power supply for my Dell Vostro 460 Desktop. When I installed it, I realized I would not be able to get the case cover back on because the new supply has straight SATA power connectors (as I expect any would). The hard drives on my desktop are right at the edge of the case. This adapter fits great and makes it so I can put my case cover back on."


"I built my pc and the sata power cables were making it difficult for the side panel to close. These cables gave me the extra room that I needed. Thanks"


"This seems to be a fine cable splitter but the 90 degree bend orientation is not what I needed. I needed the notch pointing away from the wires, but this one has the notch pointing toward the wire side. I could not find a SATA-to-SATA cable splitter of the type I needed. All of the SATA-to-SATA splitters that I found are of this type. Instead, I'm now ordering a Molex-to-SATA splitter that I hope will work."


"This is a good product if you need it. Unfortununly the wizards who build power supplies have not caught up with current drive power inputs. Generally they only provide 3 SATA connectors and three or even 5 molex 4 pin connectors. These clever connectors allow you to have as many as you need."


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