4 Pin Molex to 8pin EPS Black Sleeves power cable

4 Pin Molex to 8pin EPS Black Sleeves power cable


  • This adapter converts Molex 4 pin male to EPS-12V 8pin Female. Mostly, EPS-12V is required by Dual, Quad CPU and Server Motherboards.
  • 4 pin Molex Male (connect to power supply 4 pin Molex Female) x 1
  • 8 pin (4+4 Pin) EPS-12V Male (connect to motherboard)
  • 12 Inches, RoHS Ready
  • This adapter is for motherboard, does NOT work with video cards

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Technical Specifications
Warranty Information
Part number                                                                   STC-SS003

Warranty                                                                         3 years

Physical Characteristics
Cable Length                                                                  12in [304.8 mm] 
What's in the Box

4 Pin Molex to 8pin EPS Black Sleeves power cable


EPS Power Cable

This 12" long cable adapter can convert a molex 4-pin from your regular ATX power supply to either a P4 ATX 4-pin or a EPS 8-pin female by combining the dual P4 ATX 4-pin. This dual use cable adapter is black sleeved as well.


Question: is this for cpu power for boards that have 8 pin?

Answer: You shouldn't use this to power a 12v CPU connector... I don't know why this was even made like it is. You have one power wire being converted into 4 wires and thus your mobo will pull more amps to squeeze the power from one cord into 4 and cause electrical problems... Think of it as a water pump designed to draw water from one hose but is being forced to draw it from 4 hoses... overworked and eventual failure

Question: Will this power a GPU?

Answer: Yes., I bought this for that reason. Recommend you use a Molex on a blank line however as the drain from any drive may cause it to crash during heavy loads. Had the issue myself where I couldn't get past a spot in a video game. Switched it over to an empty line and voila! Everything was working perfectly.

Customer Feedback

1> I needed one of these for my new dual socket mobo since my PSU didnt have two EPS12V connectors. Worked perfect on my ASUS motherboard with a 130W tdp intel processor.

2> Worked perfect for my Rog zenith extreme mother board which suits a threadripper Cpu , the mother board requires 2 8 pins but my power supply unit only had one 8 pin. With this cable I was able to use the spare molex and plug in that required 8 pin atx. Awesome!

3> Very high quality cable. Of my long experience working with computers, this probably has the nicest connectors I've seen; they're a very heavy duty plastic that feels incredibly sturdy.
I feel kinda bad that I won't be using it, since I found out the power supply I bought had a second EPS connector (which is why I bought this).

4> Just as expected. Cable is made very well and has good build quality. Works perfectly with my 130W TDP Xeon, which is impressive speaking how much power it needs. Sleeving is nice also; would definitely buy again.


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