3.96 Pitch 3.96mm Molex 3069 Wire To Board Connector wire harness cable

3.96 Pitch 3.96mm Molex 3069 Wire To Board Connector wire harness cable


  • Cable Length & Termination customized
  • Pitch: 3.96mm 
  • pins: 2 to 15 positions
  • Material: PA66  UL94V-2
  • Contact : Brass or Phosphor Bronze
  • Contact Area: Tin 50u “over 100u” nickel
  • Solder Tail Area: Matte tin/Underplating: Nickel
  • Current rating: 5A (AWG #18 to #24)
  • Voltage rating: 250V AC,DC

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Technical Specifications
Series:                                                                          STC-003960001 Series

Contact Pitch:                                                               3.96mm

No. of Contacts:                                                           1 to 15  positions

Current:                                                                        5A (AWG #18 to #24)

Compatible:                                                                  Cross Molex 2139/3069 Connector Series

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General Specification
Current Rating:                                                              5A

Voltage Rating:                                                              250V

Temperature Range:                                                      -20°C~+85°C

Contact Resistance:                                                      20 Ohm max

Insulation Resistance:                                                   1000M Omega Min

Withstanding Voltage:                                                   1500V AC/minute


Pitch 3.96mm Molex 3069 and 2139 Wire To Board Connector wire harness cable


1>Molex 3.96 is a unique connector precisely built for larger power connections. Unlike the other connectors, Micro-Fit is rarely used in consumer electronics, but rather, on more complex systems in which its small size and high current capacity is highly benefited.

2>Delivers a current rating up to 5A for American Wire Gage (AWG) #18 - #24.

3>They are designed for blind-mating applications available in 2-15 circuit sizes for single and dual row applications such as computer motherboards, automotive PC power supply, HP printers and Cisco routers.

4>Enclosing this connector is a crimp style lock designed by STC and a special configuration which prevents users from inverted insertion.



  • Ensure secure mate with Friction lock
  • Polarizing backwalls and pegs prevent mismating
  • Kinked PC tails ensure good contact with PCB
  • Ideal for high-vibration environments



Power application KK 396 connectors are ideal for use in industries such as automotive, medical and consumer. Dual-cantilever terminals offer a square-post contact area that interfaces with the male pin header through a spring-like contact.



  • Automotive
    • Control modules
    • Interior lighting
    • Side / back window defrosters
    • Stereos
  • Consumer
    • Coin changers
    • Fire alarms / smoke detectors
    • Gaming Machines
    • Garage doors
    • Home Appliance
    • Home Security
    • Lottery machines
    • Score boards
    • Set-top box
    • Slot and gaming consoles
    • Vending Machines
    • White goods
  • Data/Communications
    • Copiers
    • Desktop computer and motherboard
    • Mainframes
    • Multi-function scanners
    • Power stations
    • Printers
    • Workstations
  • Industrial Automation
    • Automation equipment
  • Medical
    • Blanket warmers
    • Blood warming bags
    • Heart monitors
    • Patient Monitors
    • Pulse Oximeters
    • Respirators

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